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If you want to develop a successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy wholesale nike air max , go out of your way to avoid blunders that limit rankings.

Here are 10 to keep in mind:

1. Don't use frames.
Why would you want to use frames if SEO is important? Don't risk confusing the search engine spiders. Sure, you might write some scripts or adjust the content to work with frames, but you have better things to do with that energy.

2. Don't use Flash.
Flash looks awesome wholesale air max china , but is slows down the user experience and it makes it tough to get ranked. The Flash future is bright for search engines ability to read some keywords, but what good will that do if pages lack visible text?

3. Don't skimp on titles.
Why would you possibly call a page About Us in the title since it's prime SEO real estate? Include search phrases that reflect the content.

4. Don't overstuff titles.
Limit titles to 70 characters with commas between phrases on EVERY page; use fewer characters on pages with limited content.

5. Don't bury text.
Design often gets in the way of text. Make sure your visible text appears high on the page.

6. Don't use graphics as page headers.
Graphic headers are a waste of time. Use text page headers and support them with strategic keywords - in the header, after the header or below the header.

7. Don't use the wrong words.
Website owners love one-word search terms because they seem to get a lot of traffic. The reality is that only a fraction of Internet users entering a broad search word want what you offer. Go for search terms with two wholesale air max shoes , three or four words that help visitors qualify their interests.

8. Don't ignore link building.
Hunt down links from other websites that have content and categories that relate to what you offer. If you sell sweaters, find a specialty guide about sweaters or a portal about clothing.

9. Don't overwhelm your pages with keywords.
You might not write the same keyword in succession 10 times, but you can make the mistake of too much repetition. Mention your strategic search term several times throughout the page; promise yourself not to force it in too much.

10. Don't use long URLs.
If you use a database to maintain the website wholesale air max , you may end up with long URLs with several session IDs and parameters that produce many question marks and equal signs. They can hinder search engines from properly indexing pages. Work with your developer to limit them or remove them as much as possible.

Any questions?

Michael Murray
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Tips for Selecting Good Promotional Items Marketing Articles | April 19, 2008
The more apt the item is to the company?s brand image, the better are the chances of the brand enjoying maximum exposure. So a company has to plan smart. Promotional items are gifted by compani...

The more apt the item is to the company?s brand image , the better are the chances of the brand enjoying maximum exposure. So a company has to plan smart. Promotional items are gifted by companies throughout the world to clients, customers and employees on various occasions. Due to their immense utility and durability, promotional items form a part of every one?s daily life. We all know how beneficial is a promotional product in the long run wholesale air max cheap , but how does one select a good promotional item?


Before choosing a promotional item, it is always best to do market research. This will make things easy in the sense that you will get to know what is popular and in demand in the market. Then one can proceed by looking at the alternatives available in the market. The promotional gifts to be selected should be of good quality and should easily convey the company?s message effectively. A company should always remember to select a gift which reminds the customer of the company for a long time. When you gift something unusual and durable to your clients will have a deep impact on their minds for a long time.


It is also essential to keep the target audience and how much money is going to be allotted for the same. For example, you cannot make an impact on a company?s CEO by gifting him or her wholesale air max deluxe , a promotional pen. One should make full use of events like trade shows, conferences, seminars and conventions where you have direct contact with the customers and clients. Online they help you select a promotional gift on the basis of your business. We offer you value for money by providing you with products which will remain in use in the homes of your clients for years. This way they have your company name and contact details for years.


Your promotional product or gift needs to have that attention-grabbing potential in order to maximise your sales. This can only be done through the advice of experts who know the tricks of the trade. After being in the industry for more than two decades wholesale air max 95 , we have taken the market by storm by our revolutionary ideas keeping in mind the upmarket trends. Today, companies prefer buying their products and services online in order to save time and money. Online stores the
For more information on promotional gifts wholesale air max 1 , promotional products and promotional items check out some of the leading online suppliers today where you can tap into their wealth of experience to ensure that your next marketing campaign is well targeted and sets off on the right footing. You can make massive savings simply by requesting a quick quote for particular items in order to get the right idea about the costs for promoting your business or for giveaways at your next trade show.


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