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rist arrivals, which is by about 18 percen Antworten

Coping with crying ? nine reasons a baby cries Family Articles | June 2 Darren Helm Jersey Authentic , 2009
A child who constantly cries can be very worrying to new parents, but often the cause is much simpler than you think. Here are nine reasons why a baby cries, could one of them be the cause of your child?s tears?

1 ? Hunger or thirst: Even if a baby has been fed recently, it may still want more. Or it may be thirsty. If the weather is hot or your house is warm try cool Luke Glendening Jersey Authentic , boiled water.

2 ? Heat or cold: Are the baby?s clothes right for the weather?

3 ? Wet nappy: Check to see if it?s time for a change.

4 ? Tiredness: Put the baby to bed or rock it to sleep in your arms.

5 ? In need of comfort: Try breastfeeding or talking with eye contact.

6 ? Irritable mood: Sing to your baby and rock it gently in your arms. Take it for a ride in the car, or out in the pram or baby sling. If it?s still fractious, try a gentle massage with baby lotion, or turn on a vacuum cleaner Henrik Zetterberg Jersey Authentic , radio or hairdryer; background noise can be soothing and can send a baby to sleep with minutes. Swaddling the baby in a shawl may also help.

7 ? Colic: Regular evening crying could be a sign of colic, which is sometimes caused by wind. Burp the baby by placing it stomach down in your knee which stroking up the back towards the head. Give warm, boiled water in a bottle to help bring up wind. Keep a record of your diet if you are breastfeeding, or of food given to the baby if not. It may be that a particular ingredient is causing the trouble. If problems persist Anthony Mantha Jersey Authentic , see your doctor or health visitor. Colic nearly always disappears by the time the baby is three months old.

8 ? Boredom: Play with your baby and give it plenty of stimulation; even tiny babies love simple games such as peek-a-boo.

9 ? Teething: Buy a water filled teething ring and cool it down in the fridge before giving it to the baby to chew. Rubbing the baby?s gums with a clean finger may also be soothing, or giving chewable foods such as rusks. If the baby is still in pain, try applying a teething gel.

5 Facts About Botox That You Should Be Familiar With Health Articles | December 20, 2011
Botox is a treatment that gets rid of wrinkles and makes you look years younger. It's an effective treatment that gets results in just days. This article tells you what you need to know about this treatment.

Botox is known as the 'Fountain of Youth in a needle.' When you get injections Jimmy Howard Jersey Authentic , it clears up wrinkles, smile lines, crows' feet and lots of other things as if by magic. But there's no magic involved; it contains small doses of the botulinum toxin. This is what causes your muscles to relax and your wrinkles to disappear. Here are some things you should know about this effective anti-aging treatment.

It's Completely Safe

Injecting a dangerous toxin into your face may sound a little bit scary. After all, this is taken from the virus that causes botulism! But the dose is so low that it's completely safe. There have been many trials and studies Justin Abdelkader Jersey Authentic , as well as many people who have gotten the treatment, that show that there's nothing to worry about at all. There's a slight risk of side effects, but talk this over with your doctor before getting the treatment done and you'll be alright.

It's Really Cheap

Botox is a relatively inexpensive treatment. It's much cheaper than plastic surgery and since so many places offer it, you can always find good deals if you shop around. You only need to get treatments about every six months or so and this is really easy to fit into anybody's budget - especially when you consider the great results it gets!

It Isn't Permanent

This brings us to another important fact about Botox that many people don't realize - It's not permanent. When you get your injections Dylan Larkin Jersey Authentic , the muscles in your face react by relaxing. They've been too tense for too long, and the botulin toxin lets them chill out. The only problem is that after several months, they'll start to contract again. This is a temporary procedure, but this has its good points as well. If you try it and don't like it Frans Nielsen Jersey Authentic , you don't have to go back.

It's Available Everywhere

Botox has been around since the 1980's when it was used to reduce muscle spasms. Doctors realized that they could use it to treat wrinkles and lines as well. Since that time, this easy non-surgical treatment has spread far and wide. It's now one of the most widely available cosmetic procedures all over the world. This is nice because it means you'll have no trouble finding a quality clinic for your injections somewhere near you.

It Works!

Finally, this treatment is only increasing in popularity because it works. You can see results in just days, and sometimes even overnight. There is no pain involved and no difficult recovery period. Because it works so well with no pain and discomfort Mike Green Jersey Authentic , Botox is taking the world by storm. It may not exactly be the 'Fountain of Youth,' but it's the closest thing plastic surgeons have found to an anti-aging cure so far.

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KTB acting chief executive Jacinta Nzioka noted that the 18 percent growth in arrivals in the first nine months of this year showed recovery efforts are paying off.

The increased tourist arrivals, which is by about 18 percent, is good news to the sector that was initially on its knees following persistent
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