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According to the manufacturer, the watch offers you precise data. You can pass this data on to your doctor at any time. In an emergency, he will decide whether treatment is necessary. By measuring your sleep rhythm, you have further advantages. With the help of the data, you can get to the bottom of sleep problems. The watch also has an elegant appearance. You can wear it with all kinds of different outfits. The case of the Oshen Watch is water resistant. According to the manufacturer, you do not have to take it off when swimming or washing your hands. How long can you use your health tracker? Your device is equipped with long-life lithium-ion batteries. The manufacturer guarantees you a long life span. So you do not have to worry about charging your Smar twatch directly to use it. Which operating systems is the Oshen Watch compatible with? You can synchronize this Smar twatch with mobile phones .

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