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20.08.2020 12:17
Sludge transfer pump selection application Antworten

When the concentration process USES air flotation, the sludge contains a large number of bubbles. In order to improve the sludge dewatering effect, flocculant is often needed to be added. In order to protect the floc from being damaged, high-speed rotation or large shear force should not be generated during the transport process. In addition, the choice of sludge pump, also should adapt to the type of dehydrator. For example, when the plate and frame filter press is used, the pressure changes from low to high and the flow changes from large to small in the mud process. At present, the centrifugal pump has a wide range of applications, but its shear force on the conveying medium is large. Diaphragm pump is used for corrosive media and dosing system. Plunger pumps are expensive and are used in very high pressure requirements. Screw pump and CAM rotor pump can be continuous, uniform transport medium, no turbulence, agitation, pulsation and shear phenomenon, especially suitable for pumping concentrated sludge, * to a large extent to maintain the characteristics of sludge, protect floc is not destroyed, so as to obtain * good dehydration effect.
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