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How to install the combined vacuum pump Antworten

How to install the combined vacuum pump?

The assembly method of the combined vacuum pump is slightly different from that of the integral type. Taking the small five piece rotary vane vacuum pump as an example, it is composed of the high and low end cover plates, the high and low vacuum pump cavity components and the middle diaphragm plates to form the whole vacuum pump body. The assembly sequence is as follows.

First of all, clamp the bottom of the middle partition plate assembly up on the long vice (100 caliber, 220 mm long), and pay attention not to use too much force to crush the sealing surface. When clamping, two pieces of iron (about 10 mm in thickness) less than the thickness of the vacuum pump assembly should be padded. Because the high and low rotor shafts of this kind of vacuum pump work synchronously through the cross joint at the shaft end, the high vacuum pump cavity group on the side of the vacuum pump wheel should be installed first. The specific method is to install the rotating plate and spring into the high rotor groove, pinch the rotating piece into the vacuum pump cavity, and then insert the shaft end with the convex head into the shaft hole of the middle diaphragm, and then insert the end cover The shaft seal hole on the disc is aligned with the rotor shaft, and the two sets of high-end plates are fixed on the middle partition plate with bolts. When the bolts are not too tight, tap the end cover gently with a small hammer to make the rotor and the vacuum pump cavity natural diagonal square (right angle), and then tighten the bolts with force. However, it should be noted that there should be no blockage when rotating the vacuum pump wheel, and then install another one Low vacuum end; The cross groove at the shaft end of the low rotor should be tightly connected with the convex head of the high rotor extending through the middle partition plate. After installing the low end end cover with the same method, tighten it. At the same time, tap the end cover with a hammer, and finally tighten the bolts. At this time, it takes a lot of effort to rotate the vacuum pump wheel at first. After a few weeks of rotation, one hand should rotate, but there should be no local wheel weight block. Then, the two end covers are disassembled again Hold on with your hands

Take out the rotor by rotating the blade and carefully observe whether there are uniform line scratches on the rotor. If so, it indicates that the assembly is appropriate. If there is a black line at one end of the rotor, it is necessary to further check whether there is taper at both ends of the rotor or vacuum pump cavity. If the two ends are the same size, it means that the rotor and the vacuum pump cavity are not square, and the rotor is installed askew. According to the position of the black line on the rotor, the correction effect can be corrected according to the position of the black line on the rotor If there is no light line mark on the rotor, it means that the rotor is not close to the vacuum pump cavity at all. At this time, the assembly pieces at both ends of the middle partition plate should be raised by one or two wires (only by reaming the four corner fastening bolt holes), so that the vacuum pump chamber and the rotor are close. If no other problems are found, apply insect glue paint solution to the sealing joint Auxiliary sealing, and finally loading and testing.

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