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12.05.2021 09:25
Is it Possible that virtual Trade show healing The Trade Show Industry? Antworten

World has witnessed the devastating effects of Covid-19- life taking viral diseaseoriginated in Wuhan, China that quickly got spilled across the world crossing international borders and infecting millions of people. Moreover its growing fear has miserably impacted the worldwide economy.
Speaking of particularly about trade show industry, millions of people have sacrificed their jobs and the industry has paid million dollars of losses due to show cancellations across worldwide. Meanwhile, virtual trade shows seemed to make its way to the industry recently while claiming to rescuetrade show industry. However, according to us virtual event may hamper the business of trade show booth design companies more than doing any good to the industry. Technically, virtual trade show is same like traditional trade show, but entirely takes place on online portables.
In other words, the entire trade show experience gets shifted to online where you can attend seminar and know more about the displayed products and right from your laptop. But do you really think that such a new yet drastic shift in trade show industry can rely on it as healing solutions? Well, there are some or the other noticeable pros and cons of virtual trade shows. Let’s know it in brief and understand the depth of it.

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