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01.07.2021 12:28
Lighting your custom exhibition stands is the new trend Antworten

Lightning has now a significant role in exhibitions and trade shows as compared to previous years. In the past, most exhibitors relied on the lightning from the exhibition hall itself and never have thought of adding extra lights to their custom exhibition stands. Now, things have drastically changed, adding lights to the exhibition stand provides a glowing effect making it look more attractive and eye-catchy. To attract attention from passerby, lights have now become a feature of paramount importance in exhibitions and trade shows.
Most exhibition stand contractors are using lights to highlight a particular product, however, this trend goes beyond just that. Now, exhibition stand designers consider lightning to be one design element of the stand that complements all the other elements. There is no point in exhibiting with stands and booths when there is hardly anyone can see it. Exhibition stand companies are always looking for new ways to show the signage in a more dramatic or attractive way and since lightning is the cheapest way of adding that special glare and flare, they often use it for large exhibitions and trade shows to gain a competitive edge.

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