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What Is VoIP and What Are Its Advantages Antworten

What Is VoIP and What Are Its Advantages

VoIP has many advantages, including:

Lower cost. VoIP providers can offer more competitive pricing for a couple of reasons. VoIP is not regulated by the FCC and is not subject to the same taxes as standard phone companies. And VoIP providers don’t have to pay costly interconnection charges to another company’s network.

Data and voice integration. VoIP phones come with useful features such as e-mail-based voice mail, where your messages are sent to you as audio files in your e-mail. You no longer have to call the office to retrieve your voice mail messages.

Mobility. You can take your VoIP phone number with you anywhere in the world. Imagine visiting Japan and having your phone ring in the hotel room whenever someone dials your New York phone number. This is especially handy for geographically dispersed teams, who can now avoid international phone rates by using VoIP phones with phone numbers in the same area code.

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