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17.11.2021 06:57
High and low temperature test chamber manufacturers analyze products Antworten

High and low temperature test chamber manufacturers analyze products

Many manufacturers of high and low temperature test chambers will think that product and promotion are two completely unrelated departments, each responsible for their own responsibilities, separating the lines of one product as the cutting point, but in fact, there is a constant gap between product and promotion. The relationship is still chaotic; the premise of promotion is the existence of this product, and the existence of the product can be promoted;

I have a friend who makes products, because there is very little communication between products and promotion; in order to complete the KPI indicators, the promotion department goes to some freelance mission websites to advertise, and they are placed according to the CPA of a recharged user. As a result, they are all wool customers. The user activation rate, registration cost, and recharge cost are all low, and the data is beautiful, but the repurchase rate of recharged users is very low; this will cause people to mislead that there is a problem with the product design. E was injustice; in fact, the reason was only because the real recharge rate did not reflect;

Let’s talk about a simple and easy-to-understand example. For example, if you want to order takeout, you usually order food on Today, Meituan takeaway is full of gifts. At this time, you will choose to order food on Meituan. Tomorrow Baidu takeaway We launched another red envelope event, so tomorrow you will order food on Baidu Waimai, so there will never be only one food delivery app on a person’s mobile phone. The user’s mentality just wants to satisfy my ordering needs while still being able to do so. There is feedback, so why not do it.

In short, the product and promotion are closely connected. Only when the two are combined can we find the weak points of the product, and can prescribe the right medicine to make the product better. Therefore, the manufacturers of high and low temperature test chambers tell everyone that promotion cannot be independent of the product. Otherwise, it will only have a negative impact on your own business.

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