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Art has always been a very important aspect in every country and in every culture. It is said to be responsible for shaping societies into what they are today. Even though many people believe that creating artworks is useless in these times Gary Trent Jr. Jersey , this is actually not true. In fact, one may even see arts effect on society and how it changes people.

Even during the Stone Age, humans already had a deep inclination towards art. Cavemen were the first people to invent the idea of sketching by drawing on their walls. They were trying to depict how they lived their lives in the form of pictures. Also, the maker of the wheel and stone tools were also known to be pioneer artists because of their innovations. Today Al-Farouq Aminu Jersey , art has evolved and acquired many more forms than before.

It has so many effects on societies because of how people react to it. The primary effect would actually that it brings awareness to people. Art is actually a representation of the feelings of a person. These illustrations make people understand what is in the mind of the artist and probably a hundred other people.

Aside from bringing awareness, it also gives people new ideas that they can ponder on. As stated earlier, art is a mirror image of the life and existence of humankind. This being said, it gives people an idea on how life is viewed in the eyes of the artist. Since everyone has different views on the world Nik Stauskas Jersey , one will be able get a fresh new perspective of life by looking at it in the point of view of the artist.

In the course of history, art was also known to give people courage and make them believe in themselves. This was because during ancient times, freedom of speech was usually forbidden as it was seen as treachery and betrayal toward the ruler. That is why when artist voiced out what they felt in their works, people also gained more courage to voice out what they felt about the ruling powers.

Without knowing Moe Harkless Jersey , illustrations and portrayals could also make a person smarter. As said above, it gives realizations to people. Without them knowing, it also encourages them to think critically about the meaning of the piece. Since there are so many ways to interpret it, people will have to think out of the box to get the true meaning.

Basically Wade Baldwin Jersey , the true purpose of art is to actually send messages to the public and have them think in a certain way. Artists have used this as a means to tell the people something that they should actually know. In turn, people appreciate that piece of work and keep on coming back to it. With this, artists may actually change what the people think and actually change society as a whole.

As one may observe, arts effect on society has been very strong over the years. This is because art can influence the individual mind of a person to think in a certain way. So if one person is already influenced Evan Turner Jersey , then all he has to do is spread the message and everyone else will soon follow.

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Number of View :182 Although the sports medicine community has not come to a consensus, there are two methods of objective testing that may satisfy the reasonableness test: neuropsychological testing and postural stability testing.

Neuropsychological testing measures the athlete's cognitive flexibility, attention span, orientation Clyde Drexler Jersey , concentration, visual-spatial capacity, distractibility, immediate memory recall Brandon Roy Jersey , and problem-solving abilities.

These tests directly measure the cognitive qualities that are affected by head injury and allow athletic trainers to objectively evaluate the athlete's condition.

The administration of these tests generally occurs in a clinical setting, although recent research indicates that athletic trainers may also administer neuropsychological tests on the sidelines and achieve valid results. The National Football League and National Hockey League currently use neuropsychological testing to assess professional athletes' cognitive abilities, establishing that it is reasonable to employ these tests as a standard for assessing, treating Bill Walton Jersey , and making return-to-play decisions.

Similarly, researchers have established that postural stability tests are reasonable to use in determining when symptoms of concussion cease. These objective tests use sophisticated force plate systems to challenge sensory systems involved in balance by altering visual and support surface conditions.

Although it may not be reasonable to expect the average athletic trainer to have access to this type of equipment, research indicates that there is a significant correlation between the results of simple tests that the athletic trainer can conduct on the sideline and the results of sophisticated postural stability tests.

One of the reasons that athletic trainers rely so heavily on subjective measures and personal intuition when evaluating an athlete with a head injury is that they have nothing for comparison. Athletic trainers and team physicians routinely conduct pre-participation examinations to determine if an athlete has a condition that would preclude participation in sports.

Although reported legal decisions provide little guidance regarding the appropriate nature and scope of a standard pre-participation examination, many lawsuits allege that the sports medicine professional did not discover a medical condition that later resulted in injury or death.

Informed Consent

Generally the law has found that physicians who conduct a thorough pre-participation examination in conformity with accepted standards of practice are not liable for the athlete's injuries that occurred post examination.

Sports medicine professionals should always consider the intensity and physical demands of the athlete's sport Terry Porter Jersey , all objective clinical e. Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping Cheap NBA Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap Custom Jerseys

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