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he 70th anniversary of the making Antworten

By Li Jizhi vans slip on sort , Elina Xu

HELSINKI, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- Chinese science-fiction writer Liu Cixin said that the chances of Chinese science fiction authors' to win Huge Awards in the near future lie in the novelette or short story categories.

"One thing that I am sure is that Hugo Awards will not have anything to do with me for a long time or even forever," Liu told Xinhua in Helsinki after his failure to win the 2017 Hugo Award for Best Novel.

Despite the fact that his science fiction "The Three-Body Problem" sells over one million copies domestically and more than 300 thousand copies overseas, Liu believed the traditional science fiction that he is representing will continue to decline undoubtedly.

Liu said that he will continue to write novels vans sk8 hi hvid , but it takes a long time. "It will be a feat for a novelist to write a single successful work in his lifetime. It is even difficult to win an international award in a short time."

"The Three-Body Problem", also known as the first novel in his trilogy titled "Remembrance of Earth's Past", won him the 2015 Hugo Award for Best Novel. Liu became the first Asian to take home this world's highest honor for science fiction.

Earlier in 2017, "Death's End" vans sk8 hi sort , the third book of the series, was again among the finalists of Hugo Award for Best Novel, although it did not win out in the end. The award was given to American novelist N. K. Jemisin, who was the winner of the same award last year.

Due to the lack of influential sci-fi novelists in China vans old skool dame , the biggest possibility of winning the Huge Awards by Chinese writers will lie in the short and medium length categories, Liu believed.

He said there are many talented short-story writers and excellent short works in China. "Being well promoted, they may have chances to win."

One year after Liu won the Hugo Award for Best Novel, the young Chinese writer Hao Jingfang became the second Chinese winner of a Hugo Award when her novel "Folding Beijing" was awarded the Best Novelette.

All these accomplishments have been a good start for Chinese sci-fi works to be recognized by the outside world vans old skool blå , noted Liu.


How will Leicester City's title defense begin? Who will come out on top of the first league meeting between Jose Mourinho's Manchester United and Pep Guardiola's Manchester City? Can the Premier League's new boys - Burnley, Middlesbrough and Hull City - stay up?

These are just some of the questions that we are asking ourselves in mid-June after the Premier League fixtures for the coming season were released - times and dates subject to change, of course - on Wednesday. The English season ended with the FA Cup final less than a month ago, but already it's back to take up valuable space in the summer break.

I wouldn't mind vans old skool grå , but within half an hour of the original -announcement, some fixtures had already changed time and date for television. Would it not make sense for the Premier League to make the fixture lists and then consult the -broadcasters to see who wants to move what, and then - and only then - release the fixtures? It's as if they are worried that we will all forget about them during the brief few weeks we're allowed to take a break from one -another.

How is anyone likely to forget with all the transfer rumors that fill 24-hour rolling news channels, Twitter timelines and not exactly trustworthy websites that you can't help but look at all the same? Football used to be the sports pages of the newspaper vans old skool rød , the match on a Saturday and the occasional midweek night, and Match of the Day for the highlights. Nowadays it is impossible to get away from dominating the front and back pages alike. It's even on all the adverts.

Perhaps the Premier League was worried we were all -cheating on it with Euro 2016 or the Copa America. Maybe that's why next season's fixtures were announced in the brief downtime where there are no matches from either tournament being played. Or maybe they wanted to get your attention before the Polish -second division - or whatever else you can now choose to watch live over the Internet - publishes theirs.

""I eat football, I sleep football, I breathe football. I'm not mad vans old skool hvid , I'm just passionate,"" Thierry Henry once said. That's fine for him as he was a pro-fessional footballer. In fact, that attitude was what got him to the top of the game rather than working against him. For the rest of us with full-time jobs, it's hardly ideal to adopt Thierry's mantra.

It's not like we can go from working 9 to 5 in a call center to being the BBC's pundit for the Euros or coaching the Arsenal youth team. Except we can. Want to manage a team? Pick up Football Manager. Want to be a pundit? Take to Twitter. Want to be a star player? Video your FIFA games and put them on YouTube.

Have we reached peak football? Yes. Eat it. Sleep it. Breathe it.


LONDON vans old skool sort , Dec. 19 (Xinhua) -- It's a small-town railway station,off the beaten track in a far-flung corner of remote NorthernEngland. It stands at the gateway to one of Britain's mostmountainous areas, the scenic Lake District.

Despite its remoteness the station is regarded by many as themost romantic railway station in Britain, perhaps even the world.Couples make the long pilgrimage to Carnforth to propose marriage ,others make a detour on their honeymoon.

And it is all to do with a British film made 70 years ago whichshowed two of the country's superstars of the 1940s parting on theplatform of Carnforth station as they realise their illicit loveaffair has to end. Their encounters took place beneath the largeold fashioned station clock in the station's refreshment room thatkeeps good time to this day.

Next year sees the 70th anniversary of the making of the famousromantic film, Brief Encounter which stunned nation as World WarTwo drew to a close.

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