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Advantages Of The Silver Speaker Cable » Submit Content Online | Free Article Directory | Add Articles Tweet
If you are a person who finds interest in the audio world , you must have noted the many changes that are taking place in this sector. For example you can now find a music player that is very small in size but the sound it produces is marvelous. Matters pertaining to sound have made tremendous improvements over the years and one factor that is making this possible is the use of a silver speaker cable in the connections.

The main role of these items is to create a connection from an amplifier to the system speakers. When the two items are linked together, they produce sound. They normally determine what type of sound will be produced and this is why the entertainment industry cannot work without these items. A lot of firms have become very successful all because of having a good sound system.

The entertainment industry knows very well that music is its most important product. There have been great changes in how it is produced and sold to the public over time and the changes continue to happen. For now, musicians mostly sell the product on mp3 through online sites. This has come all the way from when it was sold on vinyl. It then went on to be put on cassettes which then reduced in the market after the discs got in.

The music however will always be impacted by the equipment that one uses to listen to it. For the cables , silver ones are more preferred than all other wires because they are able to transmit signals which are of high definition. They are mainly pure silver and their insulation is done using Teflon. A combination of such materials brings out a product of good quality thus making its price higher than the regular ones.

The sound quality will mainly depend on the type of material that makes the wire. Copper is known generally for its good transmission of electronic waves and this is why a lot of the regular wires are made of copper. This material is however not the best still and most manufacturing firms still prefer silver due to its capacity to transmit.

Manufacturing firms will mostly coat their copper wires using this material so that they can enhance their performance. The material itself is not corrosive so they can use it in the high end terminals. They will generally offer a better performance than any other wire. They are also able to last for very long periods while still remaining sturdy because of their non corrosive nature.

Silver has the ability to be made thinner while maintaining its quality. The cables made from it are therefore very thin and this increases their efficiency. With a reduced thickness, the resistance also reduces and the overall performance of the cable is improved. The sound produced is very pleasant and appealing.

For those who wish to purchase the item, it is recommended that they consider various factors before buying them. As much as they should look for the most affordable products in the market , they should know that the expensive ones could provide better service. The best cables are also the shorter ones because they reduce the probability of distortions happening.

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BEIJING, Feb. 19 (Xinhua) -- The 2014 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in Brazil this summer. But what most people don't know is that millions of World Cup gift soccer balls are being made in east China's Jiangxi Province.

The Heima Sports Supplies Company in Jiangxi's capital of Nanchang is responsible for producing the balls. After getting production orders from official World Cup sponsors, the company was authorized by the event's organizing committee as a formal supplier of souvenir and gift soccer balls for the upcoming 2014 World Cup.

The company started to design and produce the World Cup balls , which will be exported to Europe, United States and South America, in September last year.

The company has already made and exported over three million balls. It is estimated that another four to six million balls will be exported between January and June this year.

Many soccer fans desire premium soccer balls , as a good ball can make a backyard feel like a stadium. Therefore, in order to ensure quality, the company takes the production process seriously from start to finish.

The process starts with selecting leather.

"The leather we use is environmentally friendly , non-toxic and easy to recycle," said Zhang Bo, a general manager's assistant at the company.

With a specialized cutting machine , workers cut the leather into 32 panels, finely stitch them together and send them to the printing room.

Here, rows of desks are covered with screen frames. On the assembly line , workers attach the leather to the frames, while others use ink and screen boards to print different patterns on the leather.

The balls feature a variety of images, from the World Cup trophy to the event's mascot , the three-banded armadillo Fuleco.

The workers said the type of image and color that is used decides how many times ink is added. Every different color or image requires a new layer of ink. After one layer dries, another layer can be added.

One of the sponsors' biggest demands is that the images cannot come off after just a few kicks on a grassy lawn.

"A curing agent is added to the ink to make the pictures more durable. The ink is not only environmentally friendly, but also abrasion-proof ," Zhang said.

The printed panels are then sent to the sewing room. It takes less than a minute to turn the leather fragments into a semi-finished ball.

Next, a bladder must be put inside the ball. Zhang said two kinds of materials are typically used for bladders-polyvinyl chloride and butyl. The latter is preferred by the company since butyl bladders have high tensile strength.

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