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Major advances have been made in surgical treatments for women with fibroids. There are many options now besides hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), including hysteroscopic resection, uterine embolization Air Max 270 Shoes , myomectomy, and suprecervical hysterectomy. Since these are fairly new procedures, take the time to find a surgeon who is skilled in the procedure.

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With very few exceptions, no woman is healthier without her ovaries. So, even if you elect a hysterectomy, keep your ovaries.

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Wang Ruiqi

Yoona, Lin Gengxin to star in drama "Zhao Zilong" Yoona, Lin Gengxin to star in drama "Zhao Zilong" Yoona, Lin Gengxin to star in drama "Zhao Zilong"

South Korean singer-actress Yoona, member of girl group “Girls’ Generation”, is to star in Chinese historical drama “Wu Shen Zhao Zilong”, along with Chinese actor Lin Gengxin Air Max 270 , reported SINA Entertainment.

Yoona’s agency SM Entertainment said: “The drama is based on hero Zhao Zilong from Chinese traditional classic ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’, which tells the story of battles, love and growth during the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty period. Yoona will be the female lead.”

This is the first time that the actress stars in a Chinese drama and fans are looking forward to her debut.

The film is set to air in August next year on HunanTV.

(Wang Ruiqi)

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