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by Zhang Dongmiao

BEIJING,?Dec. 19?(Xinhuanet) -- What is exciting about this new world is not what is known, it is the mystery and the possibilities it may contain.

In the thrill of such possibilities sits all that is most attracting to the Nobel laureates about the exploration of science.

K. Barry Sharpless

(Photo source: file photo from Xinhuanet)

For K. Barry Sharpless, making scientific discoveries is like a kid doing treasure hunt. He is very very curious about everything.

“In chemistry, it’s really cool”, Sharpless said. “When I see I got something, I always said this way: oh that’s what? That’s not known. How could this not known? Then I started digging in and digging in for days,” he added

Most of the time, the reason behind the mystery is that people are somehow reluctant to experiment with the chemicals, which are either poisonous or stinky, Sharpless explained.

But he doesn’t care much about that, “I just want to know if that works or not, I could be hurting myself sometimes, but that’s an easy way to find stuff.”

Sharpless was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2001 for his work on chirally catalysed oxidation reactions.

However, his current research-click chemistry may have an even greater scientific impact than his Nobel-winning work.

Speaking of how he is able to constantly move forward he said “as a scientist, I kill ideas. I can never prove anything, all I can do is kill things, that’s how I find things”.

Unlike many of others who might be concerned about having absurd ideas, Sharpless encouraged people to challenge the consensus and think bold.

“The biggest discoveries in the world look insane when they’re first mentioned”, he said. “How many of us worry about that, having absurd ideas. They are the ideas that are mind-buggling because they leave empty places that are never seen before”.

Brian Kobilka

Brian Kobilka (Photo source:?file photo from Xinhuanet)

Brian Kobilka was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2012 for studies of G-protein-coupled receptors.

He practiced as a medical doctor for a while before embarking on the career path as a scientist.

Looking back at the transition period, Kobilka admitted that it was not easy at the start, but he was grateful that he got lots of help.

Kobilka is humble about his success, while taking every opportunity to credit the many people he's worked with through the years. “ Whenever I had a problem, I would call or email my friends, most of the time, they would help with a solution”, he said.

When moments got tough, and they were tough, Kobilka didn’t think of quitting, even at times when he was struggled with funding.

The pleasure of learning new things motivates him more than anything else. He said, “So even when you are failing an experiment, there’s a little insight you can get even from a failed experiment about why it failed and it helps you plan the next experiment”.

Kurt Wüthrich Kurt

(Photo source: XinhuanetYan Dong)

Wüthrich is a sports lover, “I (love) skiing, playing football, fishing, playing tennis, swimming,” he opened the talk.

Interestingly, his curiosity in sports led him to the awards-winning discovery.

As he was doing competitive sports, he became interested in how he could enhance oxygen uptake.

One of the ways was to do training in mountains, but its effect lasted for only three weeks. Later on, he got the nuclear magnetic resonance ( NMR).

“The first thing I did was to take blood out of my arm, put it in the machine and saw something absolutely crazy, and then I was famous, then I couldn’t do sports anymore, I have to do a scientist”, Wüthrich joked about how he embarked on his career path as a scientist.

For Wüthrich, there’s never an end to scientific inquiry. “It’s exciting, each time you discover something, it’s never the end. There are always new questions. The more results I got, the more questions I have”, he said. Wüthrich was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2002 for his development of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for determining the three-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules in solution.

The Nobel laureates gave the interviews to Xinhuanet at the sidelines of 2016 World Life Science Conference held in Beijing lately. The conference was organized by China Association of Science and Technology and the China Union of Life Science Societies.

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