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MELBOURNE nike air vapormax white mens , Dec. 16 (Xinhua) -- A Mars One astronaut candidate and a team of Western Australian students aiming to generate the first breathable air on Mars have reached the finals of the international competition that will land vital experiments on the Red Planet.

Josh Richards, a physicist from Perth, plans to send a system that produces oxygen from water to the Martian surface, as part of the Mars One project that aims to establish a human colony on Mars.

Alongside 60 University of Western Australia students, Richards developed the Helena system which will also include a time capsule of artwork from social media users from around the world.

Richards told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on Tuesday the system would split oxygen and hydrogen molecules using electrolysis.

"What we're looking to do is we're going to tap into the water that Mars One lander is going to produce when it goes (to Mars) in 2018 nike air vapormax black mens ," Richards said. "Then we'll use the electricity from the solar panels to split the water into oxygen and hydrogen and we'll essentially prove that you can produce oxygen on Mars that future settlers will be able to use."

Helena, named for the Shakespearean character who breathed life into stone, is the only Southern Hemisphere finalist of the 10 university projects selected. Other projects include an American project to convert urine into drinking water and British project to grow plants in micro-greenhouses created mainly from Martian materials.

Richards said the Helena Payload's simplicity sets it apart from the other competition entries.

"Ours is a vital technology that we'll need to put humans on Mars and it's also something that we can prove quite simply," he said.

The winner of the university payload competition will be announced on Jan. 5, 2015.

So , now we’re going to hear from Richie T once again, but about some thing truly serious… Muscle Growth… as well as tips for the absolute best protein powders available. Over to you Richie:)

“Hey fellas, interesting remarks about last weeks post… anyhow, now you know me a little more, you ought to love these protein taking muscle tissue growth tips…

Muscle Growth Tip Of THE MONTH
Once you’ve finished training forget about downing plenty of protein instantly cheap nike vapormax , because of the type of our bodies right after intense training, all this wants is to restore glycogen ranges, it is not considering anything else, and also the quickest way of getting sugar back into the system is by way of glucose.

A 500g package costs 拢1.00 through Boots or Superdrug, consider 100g in squash (with regard to flavour) provide a tremble or stir and enjoy nike air vapormax uk , after that 20 moments later consider your protein, also if you’re struggling to achieve weight, 2-3 of these types of glucose beverages will add added non filling up calories… Try it and you will be stunned and it鈥檚 low-cost.

Muscle Growth Tip Of THE MONTH 2
I am very heavily needled on from head to feet and in my personal earlier competing days, that always proceeded to go against me personally. Then I fulfilled up with Jane, from Muscle mass Up Europa nike vapormax uk , who supplies most of the top bodz using their skintan preparations.

First get a bottom tan either from the sunlight or sunshine bed or even as I make use of Pro-Tan or Jantana display tan the evening before, next at the show use panatta activity cream, which is bloody messy but will cover any skin image easily, I usually get kind comments on my tan. It works brilliant, but about the down side simply messy Men's Nike Air VaporMax Plus Black Blue UK , a person don鈥檛 need any oil either, since it is oil based.

As I am a competitive natural body-builder, supplements are very important to me, especially necessary protein powders and also meal substitutions. Protein sprays have come about in extreme measures in the last couple of years, and the option is overwhelming although confusing as well as believe me a great deal of protein powders are increasingly being produced Men's Nike Air VaporMax Shoes Grey White UK , nor contain whatever they say.

I am very fortunate as I possess the facilities at work to check the examination of products inside our laboratory using a chromatograph, bombs as well as other various strategies, depending on what I am trying to find or carry out. I tested twenty-one different brand names of protein powders or shakes, all of which can be advertised in many colour muscle building crap periodicals or homosexual news since I like to give them a call.

I am not necessarily going to name the brand names that failed to comply with their particular analysis as stated on their labels, but I may name those who met or even exceeded their analysis featured on their labeling. Regarding style and flavour Men's Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Tennis Cargo Khaki Grey UK , it is clearly a personal thing, but exactly what I find yummy other people didn鈥檛. I would try and do a taste study, but it was inconsistent.

Just about all of the meats were purchased via catalog shopping and non of the companies were aware of the tests and only 11 met or surpass the requirements. Eight were reasonably low in every area in respect with their labels of examination. One was totally rubbish, I even bought another tub to give all of them the benefit of the particular doubt, nevertheless it was almost identical and this company advertise BIG time within the colour mags. Not a GENUINE product.

TOP 11 Protein Powders
1. Genesis by Chemical
2. Ravager 5 by Biohazard
3. Prolab Whey Prolab
4. No Bull Vits Whey by Mick Hart
5. Peak Body Isolate by Peak Body
6. Whey Ion Exchange by Vydex
7. Whey Protein by Nutrisport
8. Whey Isolate by Prolab
9. Peakbody Whey 85 by Peak Body
10. Designer Protein by Next Protein
11. Subzero by System X.

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