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Physical Abuse at South Carolina Residential Care Facilities

Under South Carolina law Da'Shawn Hand Jersey , physical abuse may consist of: slapping, hitting, kicking, biting, choking, grabbing, burning, dragging a patient or confining a patient to control his or her actions.

A counselor doesn’t have to inflict abuse to be held responsible for the actual physical abuse. An individual may be held responsible if he or she permits it occur without having done anything to stop or prevent the abuse.

Signs of Elder Abuse and Neglect:

Elder care patients affected by the physical abuse of their caregivers commonly exhibit:
-bruises, welts, burn injuries
-unexplained bone injuries and other physical injuries
-repeated accidents
-personal injuries left untreated

In addition, the patient may:
-refer to their caregiver鈥檚 poor temperament or anger
-be anxious or quiet around their caregiver
-run away from the home or attempts to run away from the facility
-have marks or scarring resulting from restraints that have been placed on their wrists or arms
-show signs that they are suffering from the effects of chemical restraints such as incoherence, grogginess, excessive sleep, sudden fear, restlessness, or anxiety
-beprohibited from obtaining medical treatment or be restricted from seeing visitors

Psychological Abuse at a Nursing Home
may include: engaging in any act of intimidating behavior that creates fear, humiliation, degradation, agitation, confusion, or any other sorts of severe psychological distress.

Indications of Abuse:

-unexplained changes in behavior
-withdrawal from family and friends
-fear, uneasiness, nervousness
-unexplained weight gain or loss
-sudden loss of interest in living
-a sudden decline of mental well being
-signs of anxiousness, distrust or fear toward their caregiver,
-signs or symptoms of severe shock including the development of tics such as rocking or refusing to speak

Elderly care abuse and neglect cases can be difficult to establish because of a common tendency among insurance adjusters, doctors and others, to discount an elderly person鈥檚 personal injuries and to ignore the diminished lifestyle which results from a South Carolina nursing home abuse or neglect case.

For all of these reasons, it really is both an honor as well as a challenge to represent the elderly in a nursing home abuse or neglect lawsuit.

The Strom Law Firm鈥檚 thorough analysis and effective presentation of the losses suffered by an elderly client, provide the background required to convince both jurors and insurance adjusters to fully compensate injured senior citizens.
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