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Are you stuck in a job that you don’t really take pleasure in for the reason that the thought of going to an interview if you apply for a further job is just too scary? Does the thought of going to an interview make you really feel sick and make you feel of everything that could go wrong? Do you obtain it tough to talk to individuals since you believe they’ll judge you and feel you might be stupid? Do you discover yourself going red with embarrassment when an individual talks to you?

Each week I get at the least one e-mail from someone asking about Crime and any doable terrorism in Cebu. Some guys stated they have read articles about bombs exploding all over Cebu City and army forces marching down the streets of Cebu shooting people. First OF ALL Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG , there’s no terrorism in Cebu, No bombs exploding and also the last I checked the army was not marching the streets of the city. I’ve said it hundreds of times, Cebu is actually an incredibly secure location and I really feel safer in Cebu than I did living in Fort Myers, Florida. As for the guys with the over active imagination I can only suggest that you simply check your sources ahead of making such crazy statements.
There is certainly crime in Cebu, just as there’s in any significant world city in any country. This week I wanted to write a lengthy post about safety and crime in Cebu City plus the Province of Cebu. My intent was to put to rest a few of the wild statements about Cebu and terrorism. Again, there’s not any terrorism kind activity in Cebu.
Anyway, as I started to study the crime statistics for both the city and province I found some very various numbers. Appears all the Philippine government agencies I checked for crime statistics have different numbers or no numbers at all. Needless to say this is really a bit of a surprise to me. Then once more, it’s the Philippines and various agencies use unique reporting methods. The Philippine National Police PNP absolutely does not wish to show any kind of boost in crime numbers and also the City government wouldn’t either, that would hurt tourism.
Here’s the question, is there an improve in crime within the city and based on which agency you ask the answer is yes and no. Much of the confusion is just individual agencies protecting themselves and their jobs. As Cebu grows in population one can assume that the crime rate has gone up. The biggest crime will normally be street crime for example pick pockets and armed robbery. Most of these crimes will not be against expats, but Filipinos. Expats do have to have to be aware that most Filipinos think we are all rich and we are walking ATM’s. That just indicates don’t go walking around the wrong area alone soon after dark. In case you do then of course you put yourself at risk.
I feel this could be a superb example. I lived in Fort Myers, Florida for about ten years ahead of moving to Cebu. The Fort Myers area continues to grow each year. Lots and a lot of people today move to Fort Myers and there is lots and plenty of new homes going up all over the location. Fort Myers is often a safe location to live, but has two identified High crime areas, Pine Manor and Dunbar. Throughout the day these two locations are somewhat secure, but NOT at night. Going into these locations at night and alone is absolutely nothing much less than stupid. The same may be stated for a couple areas of Cebu city. Colon and parts of Mandaue are not the safest place to go at night.
Here’s the distinction. When an individual gets robbed, shot, raped or beat up in Fort Myers there’s no National headline or evening news program stating Fort Myers is actually a terrorist area and high crime region to steer clear of. Having said that, when exactly the same crime occurs to an expat in Cebu there are Globe headlines and news programs stating Cebu is actually a harmful location. Why, due to the fact a silly expat failed to heed warnings about specific areas to steer clear of and becomes a crime victim along with the Embassies picks up the story and concerns travel warnings and then the story gets blown way up stating the complete country is dangerous. All mainly because a tourist felt his nationality would protect him and he didn’t will need to listen to warnings about certain locations to keep away from.
When in Cebu it is possible to anticipate to hear of crime. When in Fort Myers it is possible to expect to hear of crime. You know the locations NOT to go to, SO Do not go to those small areas that are recognized for crime. Very simple! Then you don’t become a victim. I will continue to research the crime statistics and when I get some valid numbers I will write the post about Cebu Crime. Until then, please use frequent sense. Know where to go and where not to go. Just like you do within your dwelling country.
By utilizing widespread sense you’ll have a superb time in Cebu and get pleasure from the location as significantly as I do. Just don’t forget, you’re a visitor and guest of the Philippines, BE NICE!

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- Following are the results of artistic gymnastics men's horizontal bar final at the Rio Olympic Games here on Tuesday:

1. Fabian Hambuechen, Germany, 15.766

2. Danell Leyva, United States, 15.500

3. Nile Wilson, Britain, 15.466

4. Samuel Mikulak, United States, 15.400

5. Francisco Barretto Junior, Brazil, 15.208

6. Manrique Larduet, Cuba, 15.033

7. Epke Zonderland, Netherlands, 14.033

8. Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 13.366


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