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Chamonix Marcus Maye Womens Jersey , also known as Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, is a town in the Eastern part of France, sitting at the foot on Mount Blanc, and therefore a great attraction for those who enjoy winter sports. Chamonix is a very popular winter sports resort, reputedly having some of the best ski runs in the world. It was the site of the first Winter Olympics in 1924, and it has continued to be an inspiration to generations of dedicated skiers. In more recent decades, Chamonix has become a haven for all kinds of winter sports activity Trenton Cannon Womens Jersey , once called ?The death-sport capital of the world'. Chamonix boasts attractions for mountain climbers, extreme skiers, paragliders and snowboarders.
Of course, the main focus for all tourists to Chamonix is the beautiful mountain range. By using the famous cable car system, you are able to cross the whole of the Mont Blanc Massif -an experience which has to be seen to be truly appreciated; though most visitors to the site will want to get off at some point and make their own way down, whether that is on skis or a snowboard. It is easy to see why Chamonix is so popular with many winter sports enthusiasts, as the mountains are very challenging (there is not really a lot of opportunity for beginners Chris Herndon Womens Jersey , but once you have improved, Chamonix can offer a number of entertaining options. In the winter months, Chamonix has glacier runs leading from Mont Blanc into the town itself, as well as other ski areas, and an off-piste with runs into Switzerland. During the summer months, it is a popular location for alpine mountaineers, brought into the resort by the challenge of the North Face of the Dru Leonard Williams Womens Jersey , or comparatively gentler tasks such as ascending Mont Blanc by any of its many routes. For those with boards or skis, there is not a lot of opportunity to practise your up-hill manoeuvres, as most of the mountain range is only accessible via buses and cable cars. This is really the most aggravating part of the Mont Blanc experience, in that the buses to the ski stations are not the best, and skiers will sometimes have to wait about half-an-hour in order to catch one. This can make skiing or snowboarding a lot more of a ?zen' experience.
Even people who do not enjoy extreme sports will find something to enjoy about Chamonix. Aside from the fantastic views such as the ?aguil su midi', there are great alpine walks to be had, an attraction for hikers. Chamonix has great walks Jordan Jenkins Womens Jersey , from stunning strolls by the river to more strenuous paths which involve ascents of 1050m (and requires some level of fitness). Although most of the paths are safe and then some, there are rails in some parts; don't feel intimidated by this, it is just a precautionary measure.
As most of the visitors to Chamonix are extreme sports enthusiasts, the accommodation is mostly centred around self-catering holidays. There are some truly amazing hostels and apartments available in the town, from one-person rooms to apartments for larger groups. It is possible to find ?self-contained' flats within the resorts, or you may want to take yourself away from the holiday atmosphere, and choose a private holiday lodge. Of course Darron Lee Womens Jersey , wherever you stay, you will need to consider factors such as availability and proximity to the slopes (assuming that you don't hire a car, getting about with a snowboard can be a challenge). Aside from the sporting options, finding a chalet which is near to restaurants and shops is also very important.
Chamonix also has a larger than usual selection of restaurants and nightclubs, meaning that after a day out on the slopes, you can't relax in the evenings, but have to get ready to go out in the evening as well. There are regular slots for bands and DJs Jamal Adams Womens Jersey , and there is something for everyone, from small, friendly pubs to cafes and wine bars.
Of course, if you are self-catering, then you will need to eat out from time to time, and Chamonix has some great restaurants for the exhausted traveller. From high-class Michelin-star restaurants, which are quieter than most libraries Nathan Shepherd Womens Jersey , and three times as severe; to small farm-house style places with great food, and even steak houses. On a budget, you might decide to stick to burgers or pizza, and there are a number of restaurants that are happy to cater to this taste, as well as the traditional pub kitchens. For anyone wanting to take ?self-catering' literally, there is a fabulous Saturday market that sells all the best cheeses, fresh bread and vegetables that the region can supply Sam Darnold Womens Jersey , though personally, being active all day and then coming home and having to prepare food and cook it is an extreme sport all of its own.
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