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There are numerous ways to motivate a business team. The greatest way is to employ a motivational speaker Men's Nike Air Max 95 Just Do It White Black Australia , such as Lois Barth. She understands times are difficult economically. She also knows there are fewer employees on a team doing much more work. Employees and teams are stressed out. Lois is able to relieve the work load and make business teams laugh. She then inspires them to achieve more and leaves them striving to accomplish and attain their set goals. Her energy and creativity sparks a returning energy in your business employees and teams. She teaches them to harness their energy and use it to increase their efficiency.

Encourage, recognize and prize work well done by your employees and teams. A “thank you” from the boss goes a long way. Individuals are expected to respond to encouragement and to delight others. Allowing your employees know they are valued and very important motivates them to work harder. A business team made of individuals who believe they are important to the company will continue to work to make the company a success.

Establish realistic targets for your team. Asking the impossible won’t motivate your team to work harder. Instead, they will stop trying before they even try. Beginning with a realistic goal, then increasing what is asked is more successful compared to giving a large number to a team at once. Make each team member liable for his or her target or goal. Demand accountability and the team will deliver it.

Encourage team work. Don’t compare your employees against one another. While healthy levels of competition could be great, for instance, a competition with a reward for the most number of sales, there is a thing like unhealthy competition. Talking badly of one employee to another one is unhealthy competition. Inspire your team members to collaborate with each other and to inspire each other. Do not isolate them from each other.

Make the work area enjoyable. Break the monotony of the work area by having employees rotate jobs. Ensure they have the correct devices to perform their job. These include supplies, electronics and tools to communicate. Don’t presume if they are having a great time they are not working well. Happy workers are more productive employees, and productive employees increase profits.

Be available to your employees. Hiding within your office in group meetings has an adverse effect on your team. Plan your time wisely so you are available to your team once they need you. If your team has to consult with you before moving forward and cannot reach, then valuable time is lost. Frustration in employees results in inefficiency.

Be helpful to your team. Never make your employees feel as though inquiring you for guidance is a bad thing. Be willing to help when your team needs help. Do not be discouraging when they ask questions.

Make sure your objectives are clear. Does your business team fully grasp what you expect of them? Is their goal clear? If your team has a firm grasp on the expectations and targets they need to meet, then don’t try to micromanage them. Micromanagement suggests you do not believe in your team and is demoralizing to them. Just because they may attain a goal differently does not suggest they are reaching the target wrongly.

Finally, make sure to find something optimistic to say daily to your team. Remark upon even the slightest improvement and treat each employee with courtesy, respect and dignity. Remember to prize excellent performances with compliment. Treat your business team and employees as the valuable asset they are.

Lois Barth, a renowned Motivational Speaker, has learned the top asset any company holds is its workers. Read more about her services as a Motivational Speaker, and enjoy video of some of her most current work.

Funny Motivational Speaker, Funny Motivational Speaker

Business > Small BusinessFind a Coffee Van for Sale 聳 Start Your Own Business

Posted by Vandemonsvans in Business on October 10th, 2016

A coffee van is the ideal starting point for both skilled baristas and coffee loving entrepreneurs to have their own business. However, like everything else, setting up a coffee van business has some prerequisites. It starts from having to decide whether to buy a custom made coffee van or a second-hand coffee van, whether it be an established business or someone who is selling just their fitted out van. You also need to decide on whether you have the confidence to start your own coffee van business or whether you would prefer to purchase an already existing business (or franchise) that has proven results.

If you do believe that you are the entrepreneurial type who is willing at going out on their own and start their own business, congratulations! You are halfway there if you can believe in yourself. You will then need to find a manufacturer that can fit out your coffee van. Here is how you do it:

•Look up the various manufacturers who fit out coffee vans

•Call them and talk to them about what they can do to help you. Is there a particular type of van they recommend for the type of business you are thinking of starting?

•Check if they are willing to fit out second-hand vans and if so, can they help source you one within your budget.

•Ask them if they can purchase the equipment at a discounted price and include it in the van or whether you are better off to provide your own equipment to supply to them to fit.

•Check their lead time – once you have made the decision to buy a coffee van you don’t want to have to wait 6 months or more. Make sure it is a respectable timeframe, i.e. no longer than 3 months.

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