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The skills of a mysterious Go player Nike Air Vapormax Mens , who claimed to be AlphaGo, were deemed to be beyond human reach after it defeated more than 50 top Go players in Asia, stirring a fresh concern about artificial intelligence (AI) surpassing humans in games.

So far, the player named "Master" has defeated 57 world-class Go players in many online Go platforms since December 29, 2016, including the best players from China, Japan and South Korea, such as Ke Jie, Yuta Iyama and Park Jeong-hwan. The player announced it is AlphaGo late Wednesday, news portal thepaper reported.

Zhu Kai, a senior sport journalist from people, told the Global Times on Wednesday that "Though 'Master' is a threat to humankind in the Go game, seeing from the perspective of Go as a culture, it's a good thing when multiple platforms are developing AI to further carry forward the culture."

"Thanks for the shock AlphaGo brought to the Go game ... though I knew the identity of Master from the beginning, I still strongly wished that a human can win when watching the games," Ke wrote on his Sina Weibo account on Wednesday.

"From now on, Go players will march toward new era with the application of computer," Ke wrote on his Weibo account Saturday.

Renowned Go legend Nie Weiping had insisted that the computer needs 50 years more to defeat human before the historic match between Google's AlphaGo and South Korean Go grandmaster Lee Se-dol on March 16, 2016.

AlphaGo beat Lee 4-1 in the best-of-five series.

Go - an ancient Chinese board game popular throughout East Asia - involves two contestants moving black and white stones on a square grid with the aim of seizing the most territory.

The most famous AI victory in a strategic board game to date came in 1997 when the IBM-developed supercomputer Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov, the then world chess champion, in its second attempt.

Not many people think before hiring a wedding photographer for the big day that comes only once in a lifetime. Generally, people prefer the likes of their family friends or relatives while selecting the wedding photographers. Undoubtedly, word of mouth marketing is considered to be a benchmark selection criterion of the photographers when it comes to capturing the beautiful moments of the occasion. Most of us think that since it is just a one day affair, so why to devote more time and effort on the searching and selection of wedding photographers. At times, we evaluate the performance of these photographers on the basis of pricing or charges. And we consider that high priced photographers can only capture good photos or film the occasion in a better way. Rather, we at times completely ignore the material facts like qualification and credentials of the photographer, portfolio of the photography genre and other factors like personality of the photographer, meaning whether he or she is capable of handling such projects with ease and comfort without disturbing the sentiments of other people around. All these factors play an important role in the selection of wedding photographers.

Wedding photography is not an easy photography genre to master in. The lighting arrangements, angles, positioning of camera, backgrounds have to be kept in mind and most importantly, the emotions of the people in the shot have to be captured aesthetically and diligently. All this and more depends upon the skill and experience of the professional wedding photographer as to how he or she manages the project. It is very important for a professional wedding photographer to keep his or her temperament cool because many times, people or guests keep coming in the way of the camera and so the photographers have to keep requesting them to move aside while taking the shot. In such cases, the photographers should ensure that they do not offend any guest or any other person. Wedding photographer Melbourne is one such company in Australia that offers professional wedding photography services with different packages.

At times, the photographers face difficulty while taking group shots of the guests. They have to organize the guests for the shot and this process requires a lot of patience and tactful handling of people so that they should listen to what the photographer is actually trying to tell them. These are some of the occupational problems the photographer has to face. But a true professional wedding photographer should deal with these types of problems with ease and focus on his or her work. Any action or behavior showing frustration or irritation may hamper the reputation of the photographer or image of the photography company.

Viewing of wedding photography portfolio helps greatly in evaluating the talent and capability of the photographer. One should notice the background, angles, lighting and other elements while viewing any wedding portfolio. Other than all these factors, pricing or photography charges also play an integral role in the selection of the wedding photographer. One should have a tentative know how about the charges of the professional wedding photography.

These persons who are now recognized as Internet marketers skilled the advantages on this residence-centered business chance. They are totally free from the headache and strain of doing work on workplace or factory, take pleasure in the flexibility of their working hrs and pressure-free of charge environment of their residences, and spend most of their time with their respective people. Many of them commenced their new household business, run it, and generated revenues which from time to time make them decide to possibly quit their common task for fantastic or do not search for a standard job in an company or factory at all.

The U.S. Little Business Administration (SBA) confirmed some of the benefits of beginning a home business as a result of unique Internet marketing possibilities:

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