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BEIJING , June 15 (Xinhua) -- World badminton grand slam winner Lin Dan was banned from the playoff of China Badminton Super League again on Monday due to the sponsor conflict.

Lin Dan was signed on loan by Qingdao Hezhan Renzhou Badminton Club only for the playoff after the league this year with the top standard of 1.5 million yuan (about 245,000 U.S. dollar) since June 3.

However, "Super Dan" was informed that he could not participate in the playoff due to the conflict between the sponsor of Lin and the league on Saturday before the first match of the semifinal.

The commercial conflict was mainly due to the brand on the clothes. General method to tackle the problem was to cover the brand on the clothes but the relevant parties of the League did not reach an agreement.

Lin was banned again off the second match of the semifinal on Monday. He expressed some dissatisfaction on Chinese Twitter-like Weibo. "It could be coordinated in the international games. Why it did not work in Chinese League?"

Without "Super Dan", his club still won the semifinal. And Lin will play in an exhibition match as a compensation for the audience in Qingdao, said the club.

SEOUL Nike Air Max 90 Clearance Online Australia , March 17 (Xinhua) -- South Korean shares soared to this year's high on Tuesday as market players belatedly reflected positive effects from the Bank of Korea's (BOK) interest rate cut last week. Hopes for additional rate cut boosted sentiment among investors.

The benchmark Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) jumped 42.58 points, or 2.14 percent, to 2,029.91, the highest close since Sept. 26 Nike Air Max 90 Sale Online Australia , 2014 when the index closed at 2,031.64. Trading volume stood at 353 million shares worth 5.33 trillion won (4.72 billion U.S. dollars).

It was the largest daily increase this year as the KOSPI belatedly reflected the rate cut effect. The BOK lowered its policy rate last week by 25 basis points to an all-time low of 1. 75 percent.

The rate cut fueled worries that the fresh record-low low would boost the already massive household debts, but such concerns eased as the weak South Korean currency, caused by the rate cut, may boost exports that account for around half of the economy.

A sharp gain in U.S. and European stocks overnight also bolstered positive sentiment among investors Nike Air Max 90 Mens Australia Online , especially among foreigners. Foreign investors raised stock holdings by a whopping 503 billion won. Institutional investors bought shares worth 93 billion won, but retail investors sold shares worth 596 billion won to lock in recent profits.

Export shares led the KOSPI advance. Market bellwether Samsung Electronics increased 1.8 percent to settle at 1,497,000 won after topping 1.5 million won for the first time in about 15 months. It reflected expectations for a rise in sales of its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S6, which is expected to bolster the company's earnings in the first half of this year.

Hyundai Motor Nike Air Max 90 Womens Australia Online , which has the second-largest market capitalization only after Samsung Electronics, advanced 3.7 percent. Leading chemical firm LG Chem climbed 3.4 percent, and the No.1 cosmetics maker AmorePacific gained 2.8 percent. The world's largest shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries soared 4.2 percent, but the country's No.1 steelmaker POSCO declined 1 percent as prosecutors are investigating the alleged corruption of the company.

The South Korean currency finished at 1,128.9 won against the greenback Wholesale Nike Air Max 90 Australia Online , up 2.6 won from Monday's close.

Bond prices ended lower. Yields on the liquid three-year treasury notes added 1.6 basis points to 1.872 percent, and the return on the benchmark 10-year government bonds rose 0.4 basis points to 2.319 percent.

The low-boil mystery-thriller Stolen was once known as The Boy In The Box and then Stolen Lives, but now has a title as nondescript as its contents. Jon Hamm plays a small-town cop still dealing with the loss of his son, who disappeared nearly a decade ago. One day, a local construction crew unearths a makeshift coffin filled with the bones of a child roughly the age Hamm鈥檚 son would鈥檝e been when he vanished. When an autopsy shows that the boy in question was mentally handicapped鈥攁nd has been underground for at least 50 years鈥擧amm decides to investigate the old crime anyway Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Australia Online , in hopes of finding some closure. That decision takes him on a journey of self-discovery that leads right about where the audience would expect.

Download Stolen Movie

Veteran character actor Glenn Taranto wrote Stolen, employing a flashback structure that keeps connecting the present to the events of half a century ago. In the parallel story, Josh Lucas plays a widowed father who travels the countryside looking for work, accompanied by his son, the future murder victim. Several potential murderers emerge: Lucas鈥?co-workers Nike Air Max 90 Australia Online , the jealous husband of a woman he flirts with, and a shadowy figure who meets the boy in town and gives him a toy. Meanwhile, in the present, Hamm asks a sympathetic newspaper editor to keep the old story alive in hopes that someone will come forward, while his wife urges him to let the matter drop and get on with the business of declaring their child dead Air Max 90 Australia Online , so they can have a funeral and get on with their lives.

Download Stolen Movie

Stolen is mildly engaging, inasmuch as it poses a riddle and makes the audience wait for the answer, in the classic mystery mode. But first-time feature director Anders Anderson brings nothing to the table in terms of style or modulation. The actors play every scene a degree or two too high, while Anderson keeps the visuals functional to the point of crudeness鈥攁nd thus tips his hand more than once as to where the story is going. Even the parallels between Hamm and Lucas鈥?respective obsessive behavior aren鈥檛 so much revelatory as inevitable. If the producers wanted to simplify Stolen鈥檚 title even more, here鈥檚 a suggestion: Movie.

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