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Solomon Islands is a sovereign country in Oceania, situated to the east of Papua New Guinea, comprising of at least a thousand islands. It covers a total land area of 28,400 square kilometers. With its capital at Honiara located on Guadalcanal islands the country is a member of Commonwealth of Nations. The country experiences ocean-equatorial climate characterized by humid weather throughout the year, with mean temperatures falling around 27 degree Celsius. The cooler period falls between June and August.

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Posted by jeffer121 in Home on October 10th, 2014

In today's time, you've to be practical in any case. When it comes to purchasing an abode or homes for sale, you must consider taking a good offer. If you are going to construct a new home will just cost you a big amount of cash. It is hard to determine the specific or exact amount that you want to spend on building a new home.

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