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Polarized sunglasses eliminate the glare off water, pavement, or any other service to give you the ability to see more clearly. When light is reflected off of a surface the reflection has what is called a "horizontal polarization". These sunglasses block this light by using vertical polarization in the lenses.

Cyclists are using these sunglasses in astonishing numbers in order to eliminate glare so they can see the road or path in front of them more clearly and be able to react faster to obstacles or other hazards. Skiers, runners and other outdoor sports enthusiasts are finding that they see better and react faster by having glare eliminated by the sunglasses.

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You will also want to consider if you are going to be near water and other elements that can harm your sunglasses if they were not constructed for that purpose. Typically you will be able to find out about the sunglasses you are considering by researching online.

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