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CANBERRA nike air max 97 heren kopen , Dec. 10 (Xinhua) -- ""Shirtfront"" has been named Australia's 2014 word of the year, the Australian National University announced on Wednesday on behalf of the Australian National Dictionary Center.

The center, based at the university, selected shirtfront after the word rose to prominence after Prime Minister Tony Abbott promised to ""shirtfront"" Russian President Vladimir Putin over the down of the Malaysian airline MH17 over Ukraine.

According to the center, shirtfront is a verb chiefly used in Australian rules football, meaning to deliver an aggressive front- on bump to an opponent, or a verb figuratively used to mean to challenge or confront (a person).

It was chosen from a shortlist including the terms, ""Team Australia,"" ""man-bun,"" ""Ned Kelly beard,"" and ""coward punch.""

""'Shirtfront' was little known outside of its sporting context, as a type of hip and shoulder bump of an opponent in Australian rules football, and in Rugby where it refers to grabbing an opponent's jersey,"" Australian National Dictionary Center Director Dr Amanda Laugesen said.

The figurative use has been around for some years, however. Abbott's threat to shirtfront Putin, and the word itself, was widely discussed and satirized in the Australian and international media.

""After the G20 summit in Brisbane, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi both used the term in jest in their speeches to the Australian Parliament,"" she said.

""Whether the figurative use of the term remains in popular use will be interesting to see.""

Laugesen said the Abbott government also contributed ""Team Australia"" to the lexicon as well as a number of other terms that didn't make the shortlist, including ""budget emergency"" and "" lifters and leaners.""

Social and cultural trends over 2014 saw the development of the ""man-bun,"" a hairstyle worn by a man where hair is drawn into a coil at the back of the head.

""The style became popular among young urban men and hipsters and celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth and Harry Styles,"" she said.

The ""Ned Kelly beard,"" a full beard sported by many young men is a beard reminiscent of that worn by bushranger Ned Kelly.

""Coward punch,"" a knockout punch or blow delivered from behind, had significant prominence early in the year after a series of tragic incidents.

""There was a campaign to replace the Australian English term king-hit with a term considered to better suggest the cowardly nature of the attack,"" Laugesen said.

""Whether 'coward punch' successfully replaces king-hit in Australian English remains to be seen.""

Laugesen said this year was unusual in that people did not see many new technology or social media words rise to significant prominence in Australia, although terms such as ""metadata"" and "" data retention"" increased in exposure and public debate.


Should you need training in Cisco, then a CCNA is most probably what you’re looking for. Training in Cisco is designed for people who wish to understand and work with routers and switches. Routers connect networks of computers to other computer networks via the internet or dedicated lines.

Routers connect to networks, so find a course that includes basic networking skills – perhaps Network+ and A+, before getting going with CCNA. It’s essential to have a basic grasp of networks before you commence any Cisco training or you’ll probably struggle. When you’ve qualified and are on the job market, networking skills will be valuable to complement your CCNA.

Qualifying up to the CCNA level is more than adequate; don’t let some salesperson talk you into starting with the CCNP. After gaining experience in the working environment, you’ll know whether CCNP is something you want to do. Should that be the case, you’ll have the knowledge you need to master your CCNP – because it’s a difficult qualification to master – and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Chat with almost any knowledgeable advisor and they’ll entertain you with many worrying experiences of students who’ve been conned by dodgy salespeople. Only deal with a skilled professional who asks lots of questions to uncover the best thing for you – not for their pay-packet! You need to find an ideal starting-point that fits you. Sometimes, the training start-point for a person experienced in some areas can be largely different to someone without. If this is going to be your opening crack at an IT exam then you may want to begin with an user-skills course first.

Working on revolutionary new technology gives you the best job satisfaction ever. Your actions are instrumental in shaping the next few decades. We’re only just starting to get a handle on what this change will mean to us. The way we interact with the world will be inordinately affected by computers and the web.

Let’s not ignore salaries moreover – the income on average across the UK for the usual IT professional is significantly higher than in other market sectors. Odds are you’ll make a whole lot more than you’d typically expect to bring in elsewhere. Because the IT market sector is still increasing with no sign of a slow-down, the chances are that the search for qualified professionals will remain buoyant for the significant future.

Of course: the actual training program or a qualification isn’t what this is about; the particular job that you want is. Far too many training organisations place too much importance on the course or the qualification. It’s an awful thing, but a large percentage of students start out on programs that sound spectacular from the sales literature, but which gets us a career that doesn’t satisfy. Speak to a selection of college students to see what we mean.

Stay tuned-in.

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