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SYDNEY, May 28 (Xinhua) -- Australia has recommended young sportsmen with a suspected concussion not to return to the playing field for at least two weeks after symptoms have cleared, a major shake up on current norms.

Sporting codes around the world, including low-contact sports, have been grappling with the how to deal with brain injuries, with some professional level sports Australia introducing independent on-field concussion doctors.

The Australian Medical Association and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) have been conducting a long-running project to produce resources helping identify key symptoms of sports related concussion, which are often not always obvious and change over time, Australian Medical Association (AMA) president and neurologist Professor Brian Owler said in a statement on Saturday.

Australia's professional ranks have already implemented rules preventing those with concussion from returning to the field of play if they are showing signs of symptoms, but can play the following game if they are deemed medically fit.

However children and adolescents are the most vulnerable to the impact of sports-related concussion, potentially leading to serious injuries in developing brains, hence why it's essential patients are diagnosed immediately and given appropriate care and ongoing monitoring, Owler said.

"In most instances, with correct medical diagnosis and treatment, concussion symptoms resolve within seven to 10 days. In the case of children and adolescents, they should follow a return to play protocol and not return to contact training or play for at least 14 days after their symptoms have cleared," Owler said.

"The message is this if in doubt, sit them out. Missing a couple of weeks of playing won't kill them, but letting someone with a brain injury back on to the field - even just the training field - can be disastrous."

It's the first time concrete concussion guidelines have been recommended by Australian doctors. Previously it was left up to the individual sporting code themselves.

The issue isn't isolated to Australia, with all four major sporting associations in the U.S. implementing similar measures. Similarly, Scottish authorities have recommended a four-week suspension for any concussion related injury, however the AIS said the current evidence doesn't support such an extended break.

It's believed up to 50 class-action lawsuits are being filed in U.S. courts in the coming months by former semi-professional (college) American football players seeking damages for lingering brain injuries and ailments from university level competitions.

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