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Photo taken on Oct. 26 Panske Nike Air Max 95 Cierne Sede Vypredaj , 2017 shows paintings from a large composition of images in the shape of a sun, aiming to create a new world record, in Brezovica, Slovenia. (XinhuaMATIC STOJS) A child carries paintings for a large composition of images in the shape of a sun, aiming to create a new world record, in Brezovica, Slovenia, on Oct. 26, 2017. (XinhuaMATIC STOJS)
UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 18 (Xinhua) -- The Security Council on Wednesday expressed concern over reports of violence in and around the city of Kirkuk after a dramatic retreat of Kurdish forces that allowed the takeover of the city by Iraqi government forces.

"Council members called on all sides to refrain from destabilizing action, including the threat and use of violence, and to engage in constructive dialogue based on the Iraqi Constitution as a pathway to de-escalation," said the council in a press statement.

In a dramatic move, Kurdish forces have pulled out of disputed areas across northern and eastern Iraq, including the oil city of Kirkuk, in the wake of last month's referendum for the independence of Kurdistan.

The vote triggered an international outcry as it was also held on Iraqi territories held by Kurdish forces, including Kirkuk.

Album of four mentors from Sing My Song and the contestants will be released soon. Photo provided to China Daily

Sony Music China has announced the launch of the albums of four mentors for the second season of popular reality TV show, Sing My Song, as well as an album of music from the contest's top 10 singer-songwriters.

At a media conference on June 13 in Beijing, the company said, it signed contracts with singers Xu Jun and Su Yunying, who are also known for their improvisational songwriting.

Joining hands with Bravo Music and Taihe Rye Music, two Chinese companies, Sony Music China also unveiled a project that will see a dozen Chinese singer-songwriters perform live across 29 Chinese cities soon.

Timothy Xu, chairman and CEO of Sony Music China, said the cooperation with two Chinese music companies is at aimed at the joint promotion of original Chinese music.

Replacement windows reviews at Compare and choose the best replacement window

Welcome to Replacement Windows Reviews

How to Buy the Best Replacement Windows Reviews

A home with beautiful windows shows its character. They are after all your windows to the world. They allow in natural light, which uplifts the mood the moment you wake up. Imagine a home which is dingy and has jammed or creaking windows. This can be a rather stifling thought. Fresh air too is a must in all homes. So, when your existing windows are in a bad shape, you should install replacement windows. This appears to be a daunting task especially when the investments are high and there is an innumerable variety to choose from. As the name suggests, old and broken down windows are merely replaced by the new replacement windows. Replacement windows cost varies from company to company. You could search for replacement windows online for there is world out there in variety.

Instructions for buying replacement windows online-

Before you start your hunt, measure your window to determine its size. First, horizontally measure it across the top, middle and bottom. Record these measurements and then measure vertically starting from one corner of the window. Measure again from the middle and then the other corner. Make sure your levels are correctly aligned because the smallest of variation in size can wreck the whole fitting of the window.

Figure which replacement windows would suit your home keeping in mind the climate and location of your home. Another important consideration is to see the direction from where you get in the rays of the rising sun. You could visit stores around you to actually see and feel the product. Looking for replacement windows online will open up your mind since the options there are so many.

To select replacement windows online, figure the replacement windows cost that you would like to incur. This will help you to narrow your choices in the materials from which the replacement windows are made. For example vinyl, aluminum, fiber glass and wood are the common materials used to manufacture replacement windows. A great place to start looking on the net is Consumer Reports. This has a lot of product reviews and the list is very exhaustive.

Now that the brands and materials for the windows are decided, you could check the replacement windows cost in the nearby stores. This will help you determine the base cost of this product. This is an important step because you want the best deal. Retailers offer discounts online but not in their brick and mortar shops. Do a thorough check for replacement windows online and ask the providers for catalogues. This will give you an idea that what they promise and what they deliver is the same. Who wants to be scammed?

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