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TAIYUAN Nike Air Max 97 UL '17 SE Negras Baratas , Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- Archaeologists have unearthed 18 ancient tombs from different periods in north China's Shanxi Province.

The excavation was conducted by the provincial institute of archaeological research from February to May 2017 in Taigu County, where a high-speed railway line section is about to be built.

Three of the tombs were confirmed to date back 800 years to dynasties of the Jin (1115-1234) or Yuan (1271-1368), and the others were built later, Wang Jun, an associate researcher with the institute, said Sunday.

More than 80 pieces of buried articles, such as porcelain bowls and oil lamps, were also excavated, said Wang, leader of the excavation team.

One of the tombs was a long trapezoid tomb with 11 recesses in the tomb wall, and was believed to be built in the Jin or Yuan Dynasty.

He said at least 15 skeletons, male and female, were placed in porcelain coffins after cremation in the recesses in the 6-meter-long tomb.

""Cremation was rare in ancient Chinese funerals, and the tomb was possibly connected to Buddhists,"" Wang said, adding that the tombs had provided significant materials for studying the funeral characteristics at that time.

Chinese people traditionally believe the body must be kept intact and buried in the soil for the soul to rest in peace. However, cremation has been popular among Buddhist monks for centuries.

" Joseph Colt
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1. Make a Small Written Summary

When you start a new topic, it is important that you read through the theory and write a small summary.

2. Add Graphs Diagrams For Illustration

Include graphs and diagrams to illustrate the concepts either on paper or as a computer file that you can save for later use.

3. Highlight Formulas

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4. Go Through Derivations

If there are any derivations of the formulas in your course material, write them down step by step. Make sure you understand every step while writing them. Use highlighters to add comments on anything that may seem unclear or difficult to understand. Write down derivations and formulas in a separate book that you can use for quick revision.

5. Add Examples

The last thing to include in your notes is an example. Have examples for every topic to make sure that you understand every part of your math problem.

After taking better math notes, here are a few tips to study them.

1. Do Many Practice Problems

Solve as many math problems as possible. When it comes to mastering math, nothing works better than practice.

2. Tell Yourself the Steps While Solving Problems

It is easy for thoughts to wander somewhere else. To stay focused, say what you鈥檙e writing down out loud. This makes you more aware of what you鈥檙e doing, and you鈥檙e also less likely to commit any mistakes.

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Solving problems from your syllabus is great, but you should also solve problems from old exams or test banks. That way, you鈥檒l be more prepared for the types of question that you鈥檒l have to answer on your exams.

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