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onshipcounselling consern. Sh help you more. Antworten

Lots of couples find that their relationships become 'stuck' for whatever reason and hundreds have benefited from the help of marriage counselling Ashford to move them forward.

Many of the couples we see tell us that they feel they have reached a stalemate because the problems within their marriage can run very deep. Perhaps one or both of you feel unable cheap nike vapormax plus , or unwilling, to talk about things without the help of a third party.

Examples of why a marriage might become stuck

Not spending enough quality time together Not trying new things together Taking each other for granted Not feeling appreciated or showing appreciation Intimacy problems Stopped sharing thoughts or feelings with each other

You can't communicate without leading to an argument

These problems tend to end up with both people 'blaming 'the other and a lack of respect on both sides begins to set in.

If these issues are not addressed at an early stage; the relationship may begin to break down and couples end up going their separate ways. If you don't want this to happen then take some positive steps in order to improve this now.

Take Responsibility

Don't wait for your partner to talk to you, it might never happen and your relationship will continue to stay where it is. Choose a time when you know you will have their undivided attention, perhaps tell them in advance that you would like to talk things through. Be aware of your tone when you do this, talk calmly and softly so they don't get defensive thinking they are about to be critiscised.

Use the words 'I feel' as opposed to starting a sentence with 'You' when you start a sentence. If we start with 'you' it invariably means we are going to blame the other person for something, even if you are not meaning it to come across that way.

Stop focusing on what you are not getting out of the relationship.

Here at marriage guidance Ashford we often find that one person's negative mindset in a relationship (although not necessarily intentional) might actually be sabotaging it. There are a number of reasons for this - perhaps not feeling secure enough and not being able to completely trust your partner. Maybe you don't want to give more than you get in return or you're expecting your other half to hurt you or let you down because you've experienced that before. Therefore, you keep your walls up and quickly on the defensive.

A change in the way you look at things can save your marriage. At marriage guidance counselling Ashford we can help remind you of all the things you are getting from your partner that might have got overlooked or not recognised due to you being resentful. Does your partner show they love you in other ways? Do they support you and demonstrate their love in other way by doing little things for you? Do you like having someone wish you goodnight, share common interests with, talk through memories with? If we learn to start looking at the positives in our partner rather than the negatives then we can actually start to feel happier.

Concentrate on what you have, be grateful for it, talk about it with your partner and tell them how much you appreciate it. This in itself will help strengthen the relationship and help you move on from the 'stuck' phase.

If you need some professional help to put these things in to practice then contact marriage counselling Ashford today.

Katie Lance is expert in relationshipcounselling consern. She has provided the article regarding marriage guidance Ashford that will help you more.

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