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BRATISLAVA cheap air max red , Jan. 25 (Xinhua) -- Slovak teachers started "unlimited, full-pledged" strike on Monday, with an estimated 2,000 plus teachers from all over the country gathering in Bratislava to protest what they see as the long-term ignoring of their demands.

According to Vladimir Crmoman from the Slovak Teachers Initiative (ISU), teachers are now in an open war. "We have our weapons. Our biggest weapon is that we stick together," said Crmoman.

ISU demands increases in the salaries of all teachers and other professional employees in regional education by 140 euro per month as of 2016 and by an additional 90 euro as of 2017. It also demands an increase in the budget amount reserved for education.

Dissatisfied teachers were unable to resolve their issues with Slovak Education, Science, Research and Sport Minister Juraj Draxler on Thursday last week.

Prime Minister Robert Fico annoyed them with his statement that the situation can't be addressed until the general election is over.

Fico added that the Slovak Government raised teachers? salaries by almost 50 percent during both of his terms in Office.

As many as 11 cheap air max white ,500 teachers from 728 schools in Slovakia have signed up for the unlimited full-fledged strike.

According to the Slovak Education, Science, Research and Sport Ministry's statistics, there are nearly 6,000 pre-schools, primary and secondary schools with around 89,000 teachers in Slovakia.

For most of people, weight is their main problem. In fact cheap air max black , more than a quarter of the world’s population are either obese and or, overweight, and are in danger of a wide plethora of diseases and complications, ranging from diabetes, to heart complications, to asthma, to lung problems and others that are too many to be mentioned. As to why, a lot are scrambling about cheap air max online , looking for diets for quick weight loss, such as the Mediterranean diet plan, which has been said to help tremendously in losing weight. However, before actually undertaking any type of diet plan, there are some things that a person should actually know, and the first would be, what would be the healthy rate for a person to lose weight over the course of a week, a day and a month.

For starters cheap air max for sale , it depends upon your starting weight and how much fat you have in your body, and most important of all, your lifestyle. However, it is generally accepted, between most gym trainers and instructors, physicians, as well as dieticians, that the health rate in which a person can lose weight is a kilo a week cheap air max sale , or 2.2 pounds to be exact.

You can go on and lose about 3-4 pounds a week or so, but, more than that, and you’ll probably losing and burning more than unnecessary fat. In fact, dramatic weight loss is actually as unhealthy as dramatic weight gain, as your body will have a hard time to cope with the sudden loss of weight, and also, it can lead to loss of bone density cheap air max shoes , part of the sudden shock and inability of the human body to be able to quickly adopt to the loss of body fat.

Remember, unnecessary fat is one of the key reasons why people are overweight and or obese, and such; it is of great importance that a person should actually do hisher best in order to lose it. However, it is also important to remember that too much of a good thing is actually bad and that too much burning of fat is bad, and that fat is also necessary for our body to function properly. In fact, even the fittest of athletes have body fat in their body, but they’ve keep them at a minimum and only make up about between 4-15% of their body mass.

No matter what diet plan you may be in, from the south beach diet plan cheap air max , to the Mediterranean diet meal plan, to the cabbage diet meal plan, it is important to stick with a diet plan that also promotes exercise and weight training, as both are key ingredients in order to achieve perfect weight loss. Remember, perfect weight loss means the loss of unwanted body fat, yet, at the same time, you are able to build your muscles , leading to a strong and leaner you, which in the long run will benefit you more in keeping your resistance and immunity stronger and keeping you away from the wide plethora of diseases that you used to be in danger of.

For more information on Mediterranean Diet Plan, visit the diets for quick weight loss resource site

Thanks to the technology of today, consumers today are more connected than ever. Today’s technology allows consumer’s whereabouts to be traced by purchases made with their credit cards, the location of their wireless device and much more. From a professional standpoint, your corporation can profit from mobile location services that trace consumer’s movements in a variety of different ways. Giving a closer look at how Location based companies (LBS), are creating changes in the business world, you might decide that your company can take advantage of these innovative services as well.

Monetary Danger

The most important ways that mobile location services are being used is to minimize financial risk to businesses as well as clients. As an example cheap nike air max , credit card risk management may use the location of credit card purchases and compare it to a geographic location of an user’s cell phone. If it’s found that these two locations are not one in the same, then it’s possible that the consumer’s credit card has been stolen and is no longer in their possession. When credit card risk management is in place, the client should receive a courtesy call to ensure that the consumer still has possession of the card.


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