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HOUSTON - Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles left Sundays game against the Texans with a possible shoulder injury and wo Antworten

HOUSTON - Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles left Sundays game against the Texans with a possible shoulder injury and wont return and linebacker DeMeco Ryans was carted off the field in the fourth quarter with an ankle injury. Air Max 1 Online Shop .He was taken for X-rays on his left shoulder after being sacked twice in three plays by Whitney Mercilus in the first quarter. Mark Sanchez took over for Foles.Ryans was carted off with 12:35 left to play after he fell to the ground following an interception on Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. He fumbled the ball after the interception and Houston recovered.Texans cornerbacks Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson were also injured in the first quarter.Joseph was led off the field in the first quarter after making a hard hit on Darren Sproles and the team says he will miss the rest of the game with a concussion.Jackson left the game with a knee injury and his return is questionable.A.J. Bouye and rookie Andre Hal filled in for the pair.___Online:AP NFL website: and Cheap Nike Air Max 1 Trainers . Mike Babcock has turned to the Montreal Canadiens goalie over Roberto Luongo, who backed Canada to a gold medal in Vancouver in 2010, for Canadas final preliminary round game against the ailing Finns. Air Max 1 Sale Cheap . UCI President Brian Cookson said Wednesday the commission will investigate allegations "that the UCI has been involved in wrongdoing in the past -- allegations which have done so much to hurt the credibility of the UCI and our sport. . Chile applied pressure in midfield right from the beginning, challenging aggressively and continually surging forward. Eduardo Vargas beat the offside trap and fired home a stinging shot for Chiles opening goal in the fifth minute.The Eskimos did a smart thing this week and signed veteran CFL receiver Paris Jackson this week. He was signed to help with depth to the receiving corps because of the loss of Shamawd Chambers to the 6-game injured list. Losing starters and especially National starters is difficult to overcome and to try to get the same level of productivity in the position. That is why it is so important for teams to have as much depth as possible at National positions. Like all teams in the CFL, the Eskimos have had their share of injuries to deal with this season. They have faced some serious National challenges pertaining to roster depth at the defensive line. In addition to losing Chambers, they lost starting defensive lineman Don Oramasionwu early in the season as well as Eddie Steele and Gregory Alexandre in last Fridays loss to Saskatchewan. That is why they had to sign defensive lineman Bo Adebayo from Montreals practice roster to provide help and depth on the defensive line. Paris Jackson has been released twice in the past year, first by B.C. and then by Ottawa, an expansion club trying to find their way in the first season. He had only six catches for 34 yards in three games with the Redblacks before he was relegated to a backup role. He eventually was released because Ottawa probably felt comfortable with the young receivers they had and did not need to have a higher than average salary for a backup. Another difficult thing for general managers to decide is that after the ninth game, the salaries of CFL veterans are guaranteed, meaning if you were to cut them and send them home, they would still be paid and would count against your cap. So why sign a 34-year-old player who couldnt make the starting lineup of the Ottawa Redblacks? Why not put a younger player on the roster and let him develop instead of an older player with a short shelf life? This is a question I hear a lot and want to take the time to talk about why it is so important to have a veteran presence on your roster, especially at the end of the year. At this time in the season, there is probably not a lot of young talented National receivers on the practice squads of other teams or at home waiting for a call. Because of the attrition of the season, the expansion of the CFL rosters by the Redblacks, plus one more non-import on each team, finding available Nationals is difficult. Many people I talk to say there is as little depth as they have ever seen that is not on rosters already at National spots. But for me, the most important and best part of what I hope Paris will bring to the Eskimos is experience; experience in the position he is playing, experience in the stadiums in the division, experience in the meeting rooms, experience in the locker room. There is no substitute for guys who have been in games and know what to do in as many situations as they can remember. Coach Dave Ritchie, my former boss in Winnipeg in 2002 and 2003, used to say that you lose a game for every rookie that you start. He believed they would make mistakes because of a lack of experience that would cause you to lose a game. As a receiver, Paris should have a great understanding of the cadence in the CFL and more importantly, the Waggle, where receivers run towards the line of scrimmage. I cannot tell you how that can be limiting and how difficult it can be for rookie receivers. I would think you would have less of a chance of Paris being offside than someone who has little or no experience with the waggle. Paris understands the contact that is allowed by defensive backs downfield and will know how to counter it. I cant tell you how many rookie receivers are amazed when a defensive back collides with them 10 yards downfield and dont know how to counter it. Many pass concepts are similar in the CFL, so Paris will have to learn the Eskimos terminology but he should have an general understanding of the role of each receiver in the concepts and what they are trying to accomplish. Players with experience at any position understand that the ball can be punched out of bounds to recover a fumble. They understand most of the rules pertaining to the kicking game as well as what will get you a penalty on and off the field. The Eskimos, who have positioned themselves nicely in a battle for the division title, need guys who can come in and be productive but not make the crucial self-destructive mistakes like penalties or not understanding what to do on a given play. When I was the head coach in Winnipeg, I struggled and always lost in arguments with the general managers insistence to never sign players from other teams. He believed in signing rookies and rookies alone would be the way we would fix any roster issues and or injury problems. That is why we always had the younngest team in the CFL each year. Air Max 1 Uk Sale. Often times, he would say why do we want a guy who was not good enough to play for them? A couple of reasons: one, they understand the rules and systems of the CFL and two, they may be a better fit for our roster than the team that released him. Some guys may be better than what we have on the roster, which is not what the GM wanted to hear but was sometimes true. What the general manager did not understand is that rookie receivers may be faster on the stopwatch when you are scouting them running down a line. A slower veteran will play faster most times in the game because he knows what to do and what he is doing so those guys can play faster than rookies and the QBs will trust the veterans because they are in the right spot at the right time. Many players are excelling in the league today with very average 40 times. Another example during my time as head coach in Winnipeg involved signing a rookie International defensive lineman early in the 2012 season over several options that had CFL experience. This player not only had not played in the CFL, he never had played defensive lineman. He was a linebacker who we moved to defensive line. This player did not have a training camp to learn the fundamentals of the position of DL or to learn the rules of the CFL. He was thrown into a very difficult position to be successful, especially early on and also the position coach who had to try to groom a LB on how to play defensive line was also put in a position you normally dont do in professional football; that is teach a player a position he never has played before. True to form, we had an injury at the defensive line and the player had to start the next week with only four days of practice. He struggled for two or three weeks with lining up offsides, having not had a lot of experience with the yard off the ball. He took three penalties in his first game just lining up offsides. The general manager was frustrated by the penalties and would try to say it was the coachs fault for not explaining that to him or my fault for not teaching him about it. We actually kept track of offsides daily and did extra work when we went offside in practice but these things will happen to young inexperienced players and the best way for them to learn is through game experiences alone. That is how the player will get better at the position, game reps alone. At this point in the season, teams like the Eskimos dont want to have players who have to be taught everything and may make mistakes if they get in a game. It is the push to first place so they need players with experience. The right veteran players should understand how to conduct themselves in the meeting rooms and within the team atmosphere. Some rookies come up and have different priorities than doing what is best for the team, day in and day out. It is an adjustment being in a new city, getting attention as a professional football player, being able to do what you want when away from the facility. Some rookies cannot handle that, so when you sign a veteran, you are getting someone who has maneuvered through all those things before and you hope can provide the role that he is needed on the team. Role is a big word in organized football and lastly, one that I think players with experience understand. I believe that Paris Jackson will know his role and do his job. Do your job and your job alone and you can have a very successful team and a successful career individually. I am sure or I hope that Paris is not thinking about taking catches away from Adarius Bowman and Fred Stamps and thinking about how he can help the team win. He has been through the starter to backup role before and should know how to handle it. I am sure the Eskimos did there due diligence and spoke to people about how he handled himself in those roles. I am sure it helps that his former teammate Jarious Jackson is on the coaching staff. In 2009, when I was the offensive coordinator in Saskatchewan, I replaced Jason Clermont on the roster with Chris Getzlaf early in the year as Chris was playing very well. Jason was a veteran football player and handled it like a true professional and the players in our meeting room had all the respect in the world for him. He continued to be a positive force in our push to the Grey Cup. He would help us in games down the stretch and, when he got opportunities to play, he would make plays and could be counted on. As the Eskimos prepare for the home stretch, it is great to see that Paris Jackson is getting an opportunity to help them in their search for the Grey Cup. I am sure that he will do his best to help the team in any way possible. His 11 years of experience will be of use for the Eskimos during the stretch run. Cheap Jerseys China NFL Jerseys China NFL Jerseys Wholesale Discount Basketball Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys Authentic Cheap Baseball Jerseys Free Shipping Cheapest College Jerseys Sale Cheap Football Jerseys China Nike NFL Jerseys Canada Wholesale NHL Jerseys From China MLB Jerseys Outlet Canada Wholesale NBA Jerseys Canada Store Cheap Soccer Jerseys China Cheap Authentic Jerseys Canada ' ' '

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