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They weighed themselves often. Antworten

In the past few years the internet has changed quite a bit becoming more social. Yes this is correct , the online world used to be a series of computers, all connected into a network. Things are changing now and the internet is becoming a more real and social place. With these changes came social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites are great for bookmarking all interesting, funny, or favorite sites or things you may find online. The benefits of using social bookmarking sites are many. If you have been an internet marketer for awhile, you may already know the how much traffic social bookmarking sites can bring. Within this article we will explore many different ways you may use the power of social bookmarking sites to bring visitors to your website.

Form Groups: Social bookmarking sites are social for a reason. They’re by the people, for the people and of the people. If you really want to be success with social sites like StumbleUpon , Reddit and Digg, then you must become a friendlier person and get friends and not enemies. Helping out with other members on the social bookmarking site will allow you to make it more beneficial and give you the little push that you need. It is not a good move to be lonely on a social site when you can talk with people and get votes for your articles. Your materials might not get on the front page because of things that were wrong. But, a strong support system is another factor that can get you there. For example, let us say that your post was dug 20 times within the past hour. Don’t you think that there will be others that are interested as well? Obviously, this will be the case. Get Your Server Ready: Always keep in mind that if your articlesubmission hits the front page of a popular social bookmarking site, you can expect some server crashing traffic to come your way. So, all in all, this is a good result that can turn sour if you do not get ready for it. If you’re confident about the story you’re submitting and know it has potential, then prepare for the onslaught. Get your server ready for the traffic. It would definitely make a bad impression on your users if they see that your site is down because of the heavy traffic. This is not very professional. You might want to give your hosting company a heads up about what to expect. Be certain that you can handle the traffic.

Supply Related Articles Social bookmarking sites can responsible for getting loads of traffic to your website. But then, you might not have any traffic in a few days. So you will not have tons of traffic forever. This is why you be ready in advance so that you can use it to your advantage. As expected, this traffic will soon dwindle. So have enough articles on your site so that your visitors will stick around. Supply them with additional materials to read. Give them a reason to browse around. When your readers arrive on your website, they should be welcomed with other good articles. There are tons of people who use social bookmarking sites who only surf various sites and never stay on the same site for any long periods of time. So see to it that they convert to paying customers. You should ensure that your article offer links to other articles of interest.

Being an online marketer, you should always use many different strategies. Making social bookmarking a number one priority will really help you. If is fine if you have not ever utilized social bookmarking to your benefit for driving traffic to your site. As long as you are willing to use these sites to your advantage and work really hard, you will not want to look back later. You will be lucky one day.

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LOS ANGELES, June 21 (Xinhua) -- David Blatt, who guided Israeli club Maccabi Tel-Aviv to the 2014 Euroleague title, has been appointed head coach of the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers signed Blatt to a three-year deal with an option for a fourth year that is worth 20 million US dollars.

Blatt spent 33 years as a player and coach in Europe after playing at the college level at Princeton. He resigned as the head coach at Maccabi Tel Aviv last week.

The 55-year-old also led Russia to a bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

The Cavaliers had been seeking a replacement for Mike Brown, who was sacked in May.

Health > Diet & Weight Loss > Healthy DietHow to Maintain Your Weight Loss

Posted by nick_niesen in Health on October 26th, 2010

Once you have started losing weight, it is crucial to think of how to maintain that weight loss in the days ahead.

It may seem hard to believe, but taking the weight off is the easy part. Maintaining weight loss for good is where the real challenge lies. If you are like me, you have tried countless diets, only to gain the weight back. People lose lots of weight on diets everyday, but 95% of them gain it back because they have focused only on the weight loss. They follow the diet until they get to a particular number on the scale and then, shortly after, they go back to the old lifestyle that made them overweight in the first place. Over time, of course, the weight comes right back.

The truth is, almost everyone can lose weight but only 5% keep it off. These are the Weight Loss Registry's figures, not mine. The WLR followed highly successful dieters and came up with seven reasons why people were able to keep the weight off.

Here are the seven reasons the dieters were successful.

1. The dieters accepted failure and kept on trying.

2. The dieters did not deny themselves--they indulged from time to time.

3. They weighed themselves often.

4. They exercised one hour a day.

5. They added little bits of activity into their daily life.

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