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A golden city

Salamanca is situated 200 kilometers from Madrid nike air max 2017 wit goedkoop , the capital of Spain, and those who have visited Salamanca have described it as being magnificent. Those who want to discover Salamanca as their holiday destination couldn锟絫 have made a better choice. The entire historic centre of the city has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. This is due to the outstanding blending of architectural and cultural styles: Baroque, Gothic, Romanesque, and even Plateresque. The streets are full of monuments that are part of the amazing heritage that Salamanca has to offer.

The University in Salamanca is one of the oldest in Spain but, besides this, it is one of the most outstanding examples of Renaissance architecture in the country. The Old Cathedral was built in the 12th century in a Romanesque style.Tourists go to visit the cathedral for the beauty of the tombs belonging to the bishops and to the members of the nobility. The New Cathedral, started in the 16th century and completed in the 18th century, is famous for the carving of the Virgin of the Assumption by Esteban Rueda.

The cathedral is also very attractive due to its Baroque style in the retro choir, which is breathtaking. One other place that should be visited in Salamanca is the Plaza Mayor. The square was built in a Baroque style. The facades of the buildings are decorated with balustrades and arches and some of them have allegoric figures.

Gastronomic Salamanca

When tourists go to Salamanca, they don锟絫 only please their eyes, they also please their tastes. The restaurants in Salamanca offer a huge variety of traditional dishes. You should try the cured meats, the morucha beef, and the Guijuelo ham. If you are a fan of sweets, you will definitely enjoy the perrunillas and the bollo maimon. When you are in Salamanca, you have to go out for tapas. Tapas are aperitifs that come with the drinks you order. The price of the tapa is included in the price of the drink, so you will receive it although you haven锟絫 ordered it. The most difficult thing will be to choose from the huge variety of tapas that are at your disposal in any bar, terrace, or pub.

Sleeping in Salamanca

Since you are there, enjoying the tradition and the customs of the place, why not rent a villa instead of staying in a hotel? Villas are private, offer wonderful accommodation conditions, and are always situated in picturesque places. I highly recommend Carolina Urgarte.

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