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DALIAN Cheap Men's Nike Air VaporMax 2.0 Casual White UK , China, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- China has built 41 hockey training centers in order to raise the game in the country, Chinese hockey chief said here on Monday.

Lei Jun, president of the Chinese Hockey Association, admitted on the sidelines of the Chinese National Games' hockey tournament that China has yet to join the world's top teams even if the women's side had won a silver medal in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

"Hockey was introduced to China in the mid-1970s and the sport didn't make much progress until 2007 when the country decided to raise the game to a higher level," said Lei, also director of the Chinese Handball, Hockey, Baseball and Softball Administrative Center.

The Chinese women's team currently ranks seventh in the world while the men's side is 16th.

Lei said China has a 5,000-member pool of hockey talent, among them 2,000 are the "first and second-string players".

The hockey boss added the Chinese women's team is seeking an Olympic berth through the 2014 Asian Games.

Strata or strata title was initially introduced in the state of New South Wales to make it easier to cope with the legal ownership of different units or lots within a particular strata scheme. Previously the ownership based on company titles had a lot of shortcomings including the difficulty of instituting mortgages for which the strata title act of 1961 was introduced.

Strata title or community title refers to the kind of property ownership where an individual owns a part or a portion of a particular building. This form of property ownership was devised for multilevel apartment blocks, villas, town houses, office space, retirement villages and various other kinds along with shared areas or common properties.

The concept of strata community as a way of life which developed in Australia is now become an accepted and much acclaimed form of legal ownership of property in different parts of the globe like Canada, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Dubai, Fiji, South Africa etc. Though it is similar to buying any other independent property strata offers something more. The lot owner in these kinds of schemes owns his unit and at the same time shares the ownership of the common property with other owners.

Home > Stay at Home DadsTravel All Around the World With Help of Home Exchange

Posted by thevacationexchange615 in Home on October 18th, 2016

Home exchange as one of the greatest benefits of your vacation home or second home. Owning a summer home does not need to restrict your get-away goals. Influence one of your greatest resources, your get-away property! Trading a stay in your home or condominium for a stay in another person's home makes travel anyplace moderate.

As you make the most of your home swapping knowledge, you might need to settle on beyond any doubt these three imperative choices are made before the get-away trade: home protection scope, vehicle utilization, and shuttle protection scope.

You've saved and saved, and you at last buy that country estate on the shoreline you've been longing for a considerable length of time. On the other hand, maybe following quite a while of work, you've chosen to purchase a second property and live 50% of the year in a hotter atmosphere. Perhaps your family has had a country estate for eras. Whatever the case, you likely spend numerous agreeable days in your home or condominium and exploit all the area brings to the table - be it skiing, playing golf, touring, shoreline going, angling, trekking, or simply unwinding. In case you're similar to numerous proprietors of get-away and second homes, you might here and there want to go to goals other than where your home or apartment suite is found.

Home Exchange as the Key to T

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