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Daniel Bruno: Do you guys feel any affinity towards the young canadian players coming in the NBA now like Wiggins, Bennett, Thompson. Kalen Ballage Jersey . People talk about Vince being the guy to influence these young players, but you guys were also a part of growing the game in the country at that time.Alvin Williams: Well i got a chance to work with the Canadian team a couple of years ago with Jay Triano. He brought me back and I met a lot of the young players. They showed a lot of respect, they showed a lot of appreciation just through their communication with me, so yeah I feel a connection with them and it just feels good to be a part of there upbringing. To what degree Im not sure, but its always good to have a piece of that.Antonio Davis: I think when were playing this game we never really know the effects and what is actually going on outside the basketball floor. All we know is that weve got each others backs and were trying to come out here and win. But when you come to Toronto, theres a different set of circumstances, were trying to over throw hockey as well (laughs). Were trying to get people to love this game the way we love it and if anything came out of that we were definitely appreciative of it, but i think these guys would have caught onto the game eventually. I just think that we brought a little more sexy, is maybe the word for it, so that the fans would want to go out and experience what we were experiencing.DB: So, the Raptors are celebrating their 20th Anniversary season, which you guys are a part of. Over those years, the Raptors have gone through three distinct "looks", the original purple dinosaur look, the purple front/black back look of the early 2000s and the red/white look. Which one of these was, or is, your personal favourite.AD: Ahh, I dont even know about that (thinking).AW: I think I like the purple/black one with the black in the back, I think I like that. I do like the red though because it gave you a little different feel to it, but I like the purple the best.AD: Actually, when I was coming here my kids liked the whole Barney thing, so I like those first early jerseys because I was the man in the crib when Id come home (laughs). Id have a t-shirt on or something like that and theyd be going crazy.DB: So Alvin, you have a pretty good relationship with Kyle Lowry and a lot of people see similarities between your demeanor on the court. Antonio, What are some similarities you see when watching Kyle after playing with Alvin all of those years.AD: I always say for me, I obviously always watched him play from behind. And to me, he set the tone with what we were doing. You know, hed be out there locking somebody up, whether it was full court, as soon as we cross half court or wed see him down in the stands. You just saw this aggression you know what I mean, so anytime youre looking at that it just kind of carries over and every body kinda takes on the same tone. And I see that now, Kyle Lowry is out there showing passion, you know he wants to win, hes doing everything that it takes and all of those other guys are just falling in line. And its an incredible thing to watch.(Getty Images)DB: Do you guys know who has your lockers now on this team?AD: I dont even know because I havent been in there, so im not even sure.AW: They changed the locker room now, so...AD: Oh, they did?AW: Its not even the same, its like a oval thing now, its not like a block like when we played. Its fancy in there now.AD: Ya, they fancy now (laughs).DB: (Laughs) Well, Drake is the global ambassador of the Raptors, as you know, and hopefully this will help recruit some players to the city. Back when you guys played, who was a rapper or pop culture star that would have helped sway you towards a team if they were the “global ambassador?”AD: (Points at Alvin) Thats the hip-hop dude right there, theres probably a bunch of them that woulda swayed you!AW: Nahh...AD: Cmon, give me one good one, what you got?AW: I was a Biggie Smalls guy and a big Jay-Z guy, so someone like that. Someone that you know, well, its cool to see Drake and his passion, its cool to see him there, he can relate to the young guys and the young guys can relate to him. Its a good combination.DB: So, in honour of Movember, people are growing out there best staches. Out of you two, who would look better in a stache? And if youre having some trouble picturing it, I used some technology to help make it happen.AD & AW: (Hysterically laugh for awhile)AD: (Composes himself) Im trying to see who Al looks like! He looks like somebody I know, but I dont know who (starts laughing again).AW: Um, I dont really like that (laughs)... Tone looks really happy though. Like really happy! Head to the side..DB: Moustache is curling up nice...AD: (Still laughing) That stache, yo. Wow! Im so glad we didnt do that. This whole stache/beard thing that they got going on nowadays, Im so happy Im not a part of that.DB: So, lets go back to that 2000-2001 season. Whos someone on that team that doesnt get the recognition that maybe you guys and Vince get for the success of that team. Who was the unsung hero that deserves some credit.AD: Hmmm.AW: You got a lot of players, I think Dell Curry was a guy...AD: (nodding his head) Ya, I was gonna say Dell.AW: He was a guy that would just come off the bench and open everything up for you. And I dont know if you know, but as a point guard it just made it easy. You just give him the ball and you know what hes gonna do. And I know, I can speak for Tone, when Tones setting screens and youd have to leave someone like Tone as a defender because you have to chase Dell. So, Tone would get a lot of slips, tip-in baskets and such, so Dell Curry I think was the guy. Hed bring us back, hed keep us in games and stretch games out because of his ability to score the basketball.(Getty Images)DB: Thats interesting, do you guys remember Steph Curry as a kid being around a lot, shooting the ball and whats it like watching him play now?AD & AW: (Share a look and shake their heads, almost in disbelief)AD: Wow, yeah its crazy...AW: Its unbelievable to see, and now back at home I use him for an example. You know, its not an accident that hes as good as he is because he stayed in the gym. Even when we played games, hed go into the practice facility at shoot. Wed get there for practice and hes already there just putting up shots. He and his brother, Seth. They were just always around basketball.DB: Do you guys have a favourite Charles Oakley story?AD: One we could tell? (Laughs).AW: I dont have one (winks).AD: I would love to tell one, I just dont know if we should.DB: (Laugh) Thats fair. Who do you guys think is going to be the first Raptor to get their jersey hung in the rafters at the Air Canada Centre? Is he playing now, has he not come yet, is it Vince?AD: I remember we were talking about this earlier, I dont see how it wont be Vince. I think with all of the excitement and buzz that he brought to Toronto, you cant help but think that he kind of lit that match to the fire. And its continuously burning now, through all these young Canadian guys in the mix and its just taken it to another level. And fans here now are more open to having a team like the Raptors carrying the flag for the country. #51972788 / DB: Can you guys go BarDown?AD: I cant even get on the ice.AW: I can.AD: Nooo, you cant! Get outta here!AW: (Stares at Antonio with a smirk and raised eyebrows... Both burst out laughing).....(After the interview)AD: (As were saying our goodbyes) Hold on before you go, I need that picture of us with the moustaches (laughs).(Sees it again, starts laughing and puts the picture onto his phone)AW: (Smiling and shaking his head at Antonio)AD: This is good to see every once in awhile, man! (laughing) And im gonna figure out who you look like, Al! Kalen Ballage Dolphins Jersey .com) - Willie Cauley-Stein and Karl-Anthony Towns each scored 12 points in the top-ranked Kentucky Wildcats 70-55 victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide. Danny Amendola Dolphins Jersey . He looked very comfortable Wednesday night. Konerko had a big three-run double and Gordon Beckham homered for the second straight game, leading the Chicago White Sox to an 8-3 victory over the sliding Chicago Cubs. .C. -- Theyll remember the OT from the first Syracuse-Duke game -- and the Ts that decided Round 2.BROOKLYN - If you subscribe to the concept of momentum, theres reason to be concerned about the Raptors chances going into Sundays series deciding Game 7. The shift began amid Wednesdays fourth-quarter meltdown, a 44-point browbeating, and carried over to Fridays Game 6. Facing elimination on their home court, a desperate Nets team jumped out to a 34-19 lead after 12 minutes and the Raptors - dazed and confused - never recovered, trailing for the duration. So how crucial is momentum at this time of year? "If you look at the series, the way its gone, its been like a roller coaster the whole time," Dwane Casey said following his teams 97-83 loss in Brooklyn, forcing a Game 7 on Sunday afternoon, tipping off at 1:00 PM from the Air Canada Centre. "Every game has been different." And that was the extent of Caseys post-game assembly. Questions about momentum, clearly favouring their surging opponents. Questions regarding experience, also favouring the veteran Nets. The Raptors were being written off before departing Brooklyn. "To listen to some of this, we may as well not play Game 7," said an agitated Casey. "Every game is different and I know our team will bounce back." For a brief, fleeting moment, Caseys team played the unfamiliar role of favourites, up 3-2 in the series, and it wasnt a good look for them. From the moment Rudy Gay was traded theyve fancied themselves underdogs. Its what brought them together, its what motivates them. Without that built-in adversity, they were unrecognizable. The Nets opened the game with the fight you would expect from a team on the ropes and for whatever reason, Toronto was unable to match it. The Raptors were flat offensively and showed little-to-no resistance on defence. Brooklyn outscored the Raptors 22-4 in the paint, out-rebounded them 14-4 and shot an impressive 68 per cent from the field. They moved the ball, got in the lane at will and controlled the tempo of the game from the jump, while the Raptors could barely get into their offensive sets. "It just comes down to who wants it more," DeMar DeRozan had said the day prior. On Friday it was all Brooklyn. "We didnt really realize we had Brooklyn against the wall and we didnt take advantage of it like we should," said DeRozan after leading the team with 28 points, no one else scored more than Kyle Lowrys 11. "We should have known they were going to come out throwing haymakers and we werent ready for it until the second half." "We just didnt come out with the competitive nature that we needed tonight," Lowry added. "They did an unbelievable job of forcing their will on the game tonight, but we have to find a way to match that intensity." In taking control of the series, Toronto had finally dodged the dreaded inexperience narrative that theyve been trying to shake since they drew the Nets but hhere it is, rearing its head once again. Frank Gore Jersey. This was a scenario Casey had considered, one he feared. "I was concerned about what would happen tonight," the Raptors coach admitted. "[In] any Game 6, a team is going to come out with a desperate mindset. With this team, they built to win a championship this year, and theyre going to come out and give you their best shot. [I] knew that coming in and tried to warn our team. Guys who havent been in Game 6 before, its one of the toughest things to do." "Again, experience is the best teacher. Now were going into Game 7, its our first time at that. Luckily we have it at home." Yes, they will play Sundays elimination game in the friendly confines of their home gym, in front of a fan base that has been exceptionally supportive throughout their playoff run. That may be the only tangible reason to like their odds. As a franchise, the Raptors have only participated in one Game 7, the infamous day of Vince Carters graduation and missed fadeaway back in 2001. They have never hosted a deciding playoff game at the Air Canada Centre. With Portlands win over Houston, the Raptors now have the NBAs longest active streak without a playoff series victory. None of Torontos starters have played in a Game 7 while Paul Pierce alone has appeared in eight, Kevin Garnett in six and Joe Johnson in four. And then theres the momentum, if you believe in such things. The Raptors say they dont buy into momentum. The Nets, however, are counting on it. "I think we just need to take this momentum from this game into the next," said Nets forward Andray Blatche, who guaranteed a victory on Wednesday and did the same for Game 7. "I think our momentum will carry over. I think we found a recipe in getting a win on defence and offence and controlling the paint." So here they are. After all this time - two weeks, six games, broken shot clocks, a lint-free global ambassador and an F-bomb dropping general manager - the division-winning Toronto Raptors are right back where they started. Theyre a young, inexperienced team in over their heads, right? Maybe. But if nothing else, theyre back in their comfort zone. Theyre going to be overlooked, theyre going to be the underdogs. So, count them out at your own risk. "We believe in ourselves," Patrick Patterson insisted. "Everyone in this locker room believes in ourselves. Weve believed in ourselves all year long. For us to have any doubt in our minds right now is unacceptable. Its not like we cant beat them. Weve beat them before. Weve done it in the regular season [and] weve done it in the playoffs." "Now we know its win or go home," DeRozan said. "Everything is on the line now. Either we step up and we play with a force from the jump ball to the end of the game, or well be going home the next day." Cheap Jerseys China NFL Jerseys China NFL Jerseys Wholesale Discount Basketball Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys Authentic Cheap Baseball Jerseys Free Shipping Cheapest College Jerseys Sale Cheap Football Jerseys China Nike NFL Jerseys Canada Wholesale NHL Jerseys From China MLB Jerseys Outlet Canada Wholesale NBA Jerseys Canada Store Cheap Soccer Jerseys China Cheap Authentic Jerseys Canada ' ' '

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