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Suffering the cancer, Pelassa was very happy Antworten

According to the reports of U.S. New York Post, in the north of the Bronx in New York City, a hospital nurse named Wanda Rodriguez accidentally met her father in the ward where she was responsible. Her father has got a cancer and reached an advanced stage. Before this encounter air max 90 china outlet , this pair of father and daughter had not seen each other for 41 years.

When Rodriguez was shift changes with another nurse, who mentioned the patient just transferred to their wards air max 90 outlet , Rodriguez was stunned because this was her father's name. Rodriguez remembered his mother always said she looked like his father, so she wanted to try seeing him. After some pleasantries, she confirmed that the person in front of her did be her father, and father also recognized her.

Rodriguez's parents met in high school and fell in love, then got married. After the marriage, her mother gave birth to her and her sister. But when they were only a few months old air max 90 pink outlet , her father Pelassa left them, leaving nothing even a piece of photo and never being heard of again. Until the day Rodriguez saw her father again, she knew that her father never left New York City during these years and didn’t remarried, but moved to Queens District in New York City and worked in a bank. Over the years air max 90 white outlet , Pelassa also always wanted to know the whereabouts of her daughters, but always failed to get in touch.

After seeing her lost father air max 90 balck outlet , Rodriguez also brought her three children to see him and called mother and sister to go to the hospital to visit Pelassa.

Suffering the cancer, Pelassa was very happy and said: "Even if I died immediately air max 90 clearance outlet , I had no regrets."

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