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RAMALLAH Heren Nike Air Max 2017 Wit Goedkoop , Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- The Palestinian consensus government decided on Thursday to form a security force to protect Palestinian hospitals from Israeli attacks.

The decision came after Israel raided a hospital in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, which killed a Palestinian man and detained his injured cousin.

Secretary General of the Council of Minister Ali Abu Diak said that Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah ordered the security forces to form a "joint force to intensify the guard" and protect hospitals in the Palestinian territories.

Abu Diak considered the raid a "dangerous violation of the international humanitarian law Goedkope Heren Dames Nike Air Max 2017 Zwart , international conventions of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Israel and a new ugly crime."

The Palestinian health ministry announced on Thursday that Israeli soldiers shot dead 27-year-old Abdullah Shalaldah in the hospital raid.

The ministry said in a press statement that an Israeli special commando force of 21 soldiers stormed al-Ahli Hospital in the city and killed Shalaldah inside a hospital room.

Abdullah Shalaldah was accompanying his cousin Azzam Shalaldah at the hospital, nurses who witnessed the raid told Xinhua. They said that soldiers disguised in Palestinian clothes and entered the hospital.

Palestinian Health Minister Jawad Awwad said in a press statement that besides killing Abdullah Heren Nike Air Max 2017 KPU Zwart Zilver Goedkoop , the soldiers arrested Azzam Shalaldah and another person.

Israeli undercover forces raided another hospital in Nablus earlier this month, arresting one of the patients.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry seriously condemned the "crime" committed by the special Israeli forces and considered it a "state terror against the Palestinian people."

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Oil paintings are wonderful focal points on walls, especially if hung where lamps or track lighting strips highlight them. Acrylic paintings are just as beautiful and a little easier on the budget. Watercolor prints provide a softer look and generally a smaller size for pleasant nooks and corners. Shadow boxes as a frame for any work of art will allow them to interact with light differently nike air max 95 zwart goedkoop , for a new look. Shadow boxes as wall ornaments are perfect for displaying special family artifacts and heirlooms in a unique way.

Elegant sleek lighting fixtures help set the mood with their special softness or intensity of light. Electric wall sconce fixtures and candle holding sconces can light halls and pathways, adding to your home’s beauty and appeal. They also offer accent lighting that can help you save on having an overhead light fixture on all the time.

Having an alternate source of income can help you to save for your retirement days and studies have revealed that an average individual needs more than five hundred thousand dollars to keep worries and anxieties at bay and to live a life of convenience which is discouraging no doubt unless you are well compliant with a handsome paycheck .But you should largely avoid relying completely on social security so it is not too late when you can begin to save for retirement and before you can imagine that you will be able to work for long years you should start locating your options to supplement your present income.You
can happily imagine that you are having a secured job which is allowing you to meet your requirements comfortably at the same time you should be prepared to face.the worst as job lay offs are common nowadays and if you are completely depend on your job as a lone source of financial security you are sure to have a hard luck and financial ruin may not be too far from you. In today’s world it doesn’t take much to alter the tides of fortune but if you are having a separate option of earning you will have better support and to fall back upon and it will surely not hurt you much or you may not have to choose a debt settlementprogram to get relief from financial distress.Despite having a health insurance you should try to supplement your income for today your health seems to be perfectly alright but who knows what’s in store for you tomorrow? If you have not accumulated enough savings amounting to thousands of dollars chances are that you can actually fall short of cash in case if you a afflicted with a chronic ailment or suffer from an accident.In the present scenario having a steady income other than your job may actually prove to be the best insurance. A majority of the families in US are in bitter monetary bindings with a prolonged mortgage nike air max 95 goedkoop ,auto loans and soaring cost all through the year and creating a multiple source of income may prove to be a lucrative option.The entire concept of multiple streams of income will open up new and brighter prospects and avenues which must have never existed before and allow to come out of the old and hackneyed idea of surviving and struggling with one paycheck and provide you with relief from the stress of losing your only income.

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PHILADELPHIA, the United States, July 26 (Xinhua) -- Amid huge applause in the convention hall and angry protests outside, Hillary Clinton on Tuesday officially became the first woman to run for the White House on behalf of a major U.S. political party.

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