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continued corrective or preventive actions is n Antworten


Root cause analysis provides a means to determine how and why something occurred. Understanding the accident scenario is not enough. Scenarios tell us what happened Wholesale New Orleans Saints Jerseys , not why it happened. Events in accident scenarios are generally only symptoms of underlying problems in the administrative controls that are supposed to keep those events from occurring. Understanding only the scenario addresses the outward symptoms, but not the underlying problems. More investigation of the underlying problems is needed to find and correct those that will contribute to future accidents. Root cause analysis provides a means to investigate underlying problems.

Principles of root cause analysis

Progressive companies use a more structured and comprehensive team approach to identify root causes. Scientific principles and concepts are applied to determine root causes and make recommendations to prevent recurrence. Effective investigations should use tested data analysis tools and methodologies to seek the identification of multiple causes. To e repeatable, the investigation should use a systematic approach, which may also be prescriptive. The disciplines of engineering and quality control have long recognized the principles of root cause analysis. Some process safety tools for root cause analysis have been borrowed from these disciplines.

Corrective Actions based on analysis

One of the important aspects of any effective root cause analysiscorrectivepreventive action systems is the continual revisiting of installed actions. This re-examination is important for two reasons. The first objective or reason is to determine the effectiveness of installed correctivepreventive actions in terms of reducing or eliminating the initial cause of the problem or unwanted condition. If this check is not performed Wholesale New England Patriots Jerseys , it is like an open loop system, since no feedback is provided as to how well the action is working. For any number of reasons, it may require modification. It may also be that one of the other solutions might have worked better, given the added perspective of seeing the implementation aspects.

The second reason for checking results is to determine if the correction is still needed. Quite often the surfaced problem and its cause have been remedied to the point that continued corrective or preventive actions is not required. Once this happens Wholesale Minnesota Vikings Jerseys , the treatment is no longer needed and may be discontinued. You may also discover that some other, subsequent remedy has helped, so that the original treatment is now redundant. Or you may find that a series of previous corrections may be replaced by one which combines all the necessary features.

Root cause analysis is an in-depth investigation into the cause or causes of an identified problem, a customer complaint Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys , a non-conformance, the non-fulfillment of a requirement, or an undesirable condition. It usually functions as a step within the corrective action process, which is itself an indispensable component of your quality management system. Root cause analysis is the first step toward making sure a problem really goes away Wholesale Los Angeles Rams Jerseys , so that you can focus your resources and energies on more productive – and profitable – activities.
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