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Well , it is now over. The Dallas Cowboys had a thrilling season, but as it does for all but one team every year, it ended in disappointment. ing what went wrong in the loss to the Los Angeles Sean McVays (sorry, couldn’t resist). And they are filled with what can or should be done to fix things.Jason Garrett has stated there are not going to be any major changes on the coaching staff, so the next order of business after that is sorting out is the roster. Free agency and the draft are still a ways off, but with nothing else to do other than burn certain offensive coordinators in effigy, they are soon going to be favored topics of discussion in these virtual parts. And to talk rationally about adding new players to the team, we need to examine what the roster looks like today.Here is what I was able to determine from things like Over the Cap,, and a handy post on free agents by R.J. Ochoa.Cowboys rosterPositionUnder contract (keeper)Under contract (compete in camp)Under contract (possible release)Free agent PositionUnder contract (keeper)Under contract (compete in camp)Under contract (possible release)Free agent A couple of things to keep in mind: The allocation of names in the three columns for keeper, compete, and possible release is my opinion, and could easily differ from what the team does. And as you are all aware, the 2019 first-round pick is already on the roster in one Amari Cooper. So let’s run down this, position-by-position, and see where the Cowboys need or want to act (again, in my opinion). Quarterback: Starter is set, but the backup is going to be a competition in training camp. The team will at least want a fourth arm for camp, but won’t invest much to get it. Most likely will roll with a UDFA, although taking a late-round draft flyer on a QB is not a bad idea.Running back/Fullback: Again, the starter is all taken care of. Beyond that, yikes.Given how much emphasis Dallas places on running the football, they went very short during the season, and now they are down to two bodies under contract. They may want to talk with Rod Smith about a new deal, but it may be in his best interests to test the free agent waters. This looks like a place Dallas may want to look in the draft. Given that good backs are available fairly deep since the position has been devalued in the NFL while it is still seeing a lot of talent at the college level Cheap Terrance Williams Jersey , this is one place the Cowboys can probably do well.Tight end: Jarwin and Schultz came on strong late in the season, enough so that the team doesn’t have to trot out Jerry’s checkbook to keep Swaim. As for the Rico experiment, I would pull the plug myself. It looks like a strong TE class in this year’s draft, and that should be a target for the second through fourth rounds.Wide receiver: WR1 and WR2 look extremely solid. But then health becomes a concern. Hurns, Williams, and Wilson all wound up on IR, and Hurns has a long road ahead of him. Plus Williams had some, shall we say, interesting experiences off the field. If all are healthy, things will be in pretty good shape. But this is another area that needs some bolstering, and both second/third tier free agents and the draft should be in the mix.Speaking of free agents, the Cowboys have to figure out if they want to offer deals to Beasley and Austin, and how much they are willing to pay. Both have also had their health problems the past season, and Beas quite frankly seemed to be overlooked this season. Expect at least one, and possibly both, to test the waters in free agency.Offensive line: If, as expected, Frederick is healthy for next season and Williams benefits from a full offseason of weight work and conditioning, the line looks to be in good shape. While Smith and Martin both had some injury issues during the season, both were able to go in the Rams game, and should be ready for camp. Interior line depth looks solid, with Looney and Su’a-Filo both accruing starting experience, while Redmond saw action and didn’t fare poorly. The one thing that needs some attention is tackle depth. Fleming remains an option, they could seek another veteran in free agency, and/or this is another place the Cowboys may want to look in the draft. Defensive line: Lawrence is going to get paid. The Cowboys won’t let him get away , which means he is going to have a fat bank account given that other teams would gladly step up to the plate to secure him. Gregory is still on the upswing. The three DTs under contract had a pretty good year, too.But you can never have too many pass rushers, or defensive linemen in general, in Rod Marinelli’s offense. And it looks like Marinelli will be back based on his remarks, with Kris Richard probably having to settle for a title like assistant head coach and money since he is not expected to get a head coach job offer. So this is somewhere the team will be looking at all options as well, including the FA tackles. But not Irving. That ship has sailed.Linebackers: Lee is talking with his family about whether he wants to return - and if you are at that stage, you are a lot closer to being out the door than otherwise. Of course, it may be a revolving door, and the thought of him joining the staff as a coach is most pleasing. The Smith-Vander Esch pairing is one of the best in the league. Again, depth is a concern that will need addressing, although Thomas is probably very safe in his roster spot even if Lee does decide to stay on the field another year. Wilson would be nice to retain, but he is probably going to test the free agency market.Secondary: All the starting positions are in pretty good to excellent shape. There’s even a little depth. Does this mean the Earl Thomas dream is dead? It does not seem a good idea to pay him the kind of money he wants at his age to come in and fill a job that was handled decently without him. Again, it’s just me, but the team may want to stay away from any top-dollar free agents here. I may be misreading the value the team places on Showers here as well, but his days as a scout team whiz are probably behind him. Prioritizing: So what does it all say about goals and objectives for the staff?In free agency, Lawrence is job one. Outside of him, Ladouceur may be the next most valuable free agent to try and retain, and Reid is possibly next. Otherwise, the FAs are likely to be looking for jobs elsewhere, with the caveat that the team may try to re-sign either Austin or Beasley, but probably not both.There is really no reason to spend big for outside free agents, even thought the Cowboys have the cap space to do so even after they take care of Lawrence and maybe extend some other players, like Prescott and Cooper. This will be the much-hated “plug holes” approach again, in all likelihood.The draft will be interesting, even with Dallas sitting idle for the first day. Safety Youth Byron Jones Jersey , linebacker, running back, offensive tackle, pass rusher, and slot receiver all look like good places to invest picks. Putting those needs in order will have to wait for whatever free agent signings are done, of course, but that is where to be looking.One thing that looks to be true is that, once Lawrence is brought back into the fold, there is no need for any immediate starters to be found, at least until we find out how the health of some (particularly the WR group) holds up. That is a rare thing in the league in this era of free agency. This may be the closest to a true “best player available” draft we have ever seen. Note that I am not saying this is going be like the infamous 2009 “special teams” draft. If nothing else, the team now has Will McClay wielding considerable authority, and he is not going to waste picks the way Dallas did a decade ago. Plus, that was one of the worst draft classes throughout the NFL in history. There are some positions, like tight end, that look to be very strong this time around.Things will change, possibly very quickly once all the exit interviews and final physicals are done. Stay tuned throughout the offseason as we see how the 2019 Dallas Cowboys take shape. Three years ago, almost to the day, the Cowboys coaching staff was busy coaching the North Team in the lead-up to the Senior Bowl. They had earned this honor by finishing with one of the worst records in the league in 2015 at 4-12, a record that brought with it such accouterments as a top four draft pick, the opportunity to coach the Senior Bowl, and alast-place schedule in 2016. Three years later, the Cowboys are coaching the Pro Bowl after a 10-6 season in 2018 and have quietly - and largely unnoticed by the Pusillanimous Parade of Pessimism in Dallas - strung together three consecutive winning seasons.Only five other NFL teams have managed winning records over each of the last three seasons: New England, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Seattle Cheap Demarcus Lawrence Jersey , and Tennessee, and only three of them managed a better record than the Cowboys’ 32-16 record over that period (NE: 38-10; KC: 34-14; PIT: 33-14-1). That type of record obviously raises expectations for 2019, but a 10-6 record is not necessarily an easy thing to repeat, much less improve on, if you look at the historical record of 10-6 teams in the league. Between the introduction of the salary cap in 1994 (to use a random data point in league history) and 2017, 82 teams finished the season with 10 wins, and there’s some sobering stuff to be gleaned from looking at the historical record of those 10-win teams.Only 20 of 82 teams (24%) improved on their record the following year.Seven teams (9%) were able to repeat their 10-win record the following year.55 (67%) teams finished the following year with less than 10 wins. The most frequent records since 1994 after a 10-win season: 9-7 (10 teams) and 4-12 (10 teams. Yikes!Here’s the full data set.In the parity-driven NFL, last season doesn’t matter. In the NFC East, the 2015 Redskins jumped from last to first in the division, the Cowboys did it in 2016, the Eagles in 2017, but when it was the Giants’ turn in 2018 they stuck with Eli Manning and that was that. After finishing 10-6, and winning a playoff game to boot, it would be easy to sit back and think that a few changes here or there will be enough to get the Cowboys into the NFC Championship game or beyond in 2019. But that would probably be wrong.The 2018 Cowboys won the NFC East. Yay.The 2018 Cowboys advanced to the Divisional round of the playoffs. Yippee ki-yayDak Prescott went to his second Pro Bowl. Ezekiel Elliott led the league in rushing for the second time. The Cowboys won a playoff game for just the third time since 1996. Royale with cheese, baby.You know what’s even harder to do than any of those things?Repeat them.But when you finish a season the way the Cowboys did, you may find yourself thinking you’re actually as good as your record says you are. You may start thinking that an offense that finished 22nd in the league with a paltry 21.1 points per game just needs the RB to run outside the tackles a little more and everything will fall into place. That a defense that ranked 22nd in defensive passer rating (in a league that’s all about the pass) and allowed the fourth-highest completion rate (in a league that’s all about the pass) will be just hunky dory because that one assistant coach shouts a lot on the sidelines. That a defensive line that had a semi-funny nickname but had trouble getting to the QB all season (ranked only 16th in sacks in a league that’s all about the pass) just needs to invest its highest draft pick in a defensive tackle to stop the run (in a league that’s all about the pass) and you’re a lock for the next NFC Championship game.If the 2018 Cowboys had finished 6-10, I promise you that you would not be comfortable with any of the things above. Because when you finished with a winning record (and even won a playoff game), complacency sets in much quicker than when you’re 6-10.Change for the sake of change is never a good strategy, but sometimes a personnel change can provide new impulses to an organization or a unit that may have gone stale.The Cowboys are shaking up their coaching staff and responsibilities on offense (even if they are doing it with very little outside input), they’ve shaken things up a bit on the special teams coaching staff, and they may yet surprise us on defense as well.On the player side, Jerry Jones explained that roster turnover every year is about 30%:That would mean about 20 new faces on the roster for 2019. All of which will be absolutely necessary if the Cowboys want to improve on 2018 this year. Custom New York Giants Jerseys

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