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ot yet dispersed. This TV series is my favorite watch. Nowadays Newport Cigarettes Coupons, there are no more than twenty times of intermittent observations. The magic is that there are always different sentiments in each visit. The first time is a very simple bad guy and good man. When you see the last feeling, there are no good people and bad people. Everyone is a poor person. Poor people must have hateful places, and hateful people must have pity. Even if you finally win, you still have to struggle for the rest of your life in the deep palace. The most loved ones and the best sisters are sacrificed in this long-lasting battle. Even the enemy is not there, leaving only one. People, no love and hate, live like a dead body, it does not mean anything. When it comes to Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, it seems that it is ruthless. Jinwu Zangjiao is his commitment to Chen Ajiao, and the gentleman is hard to catch up with. I don't know if he just wanted to get the support of the throne, or really want to marry Gillian, but eventually personally ruined this woman who loves him. When the Golden House was in the past, it was already empty. I saw the newcomer laughing, not listening to the old man crying and then Wei Zifu, in the eyes of everyone, Wei Zifu, a woman born from the singer, can be favored as a queen, thinking that this is the sparrow to become a phoenix. Wei Zifu also thinks this way. She feels that her origin is not good, so she wants to do everything she can to do her best, to be a queen who can be worthy of him. As it turns out, she has done a good job and has become a generation of sages in the eyes of everyone Marlboro Gold. It is a pity that Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty is not a long-lived person Newport 100S. The appearance of Mrs. Kou Yu broke her everything, and the ending was quite miserable. In the end, the lady who was cheated thought that she had been favored by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. In fact, after she established her son as a prince, she feared that she would endanger the community and end her death. In summary, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty insisted on the principle of never being soft, and as long as it hindered him, he did not end well. However, it is undeniable that he is an outstanding politician and a generation of emperors. The Yang family has grown up as a woman Marlboro Red, and she is not known in the deep. Natural beauty is difficult to give up, once chosen on the side of the king. Finally, let's take a look at this Yang Yuhuan, one of the four beautiful women in ancient times. Since ancient times, she has been fattened. Yang Yuhuan is also a fateful person. She was the daughter-in-law of Tang Minghuang, but she was inadvertently seen by the Emperor, and the usage was incorporated into the harem. Since then, she has become a charming and charming woman. Pamper in one. A piece of neon feather dance was shocked, and it became a person on the apex of the emperor. It is a pity that the good times are not long. In the chaos of Anshi, the emperor forced her to push out her in order to protect her imperial power. This time, looking back at the nobles of Bai Meisheng, it is so fragrant. There are many reasons for this tragedy. Some people think that this is caused by Yang Guifei��s disaster, but he did not expect that the woman of that era was involuntarily in front of the king. You really feel that relying on her alone can be a mistake. It is too much to overestimate her. I can only say that the root cause is that the emperor's fascination and misunderstanding of the country. Every time I look at this historical costume drama, I always have to think about my thoughts and sum up it. Thinking about this is also a history of growing knowledge. It is always more interesting than those boring history textbooks. I am also an unremitting pursuit of historical gossip. From the previous experience of history books, I have a headache, and now I occasionally go to the library to read historical materials for the historical figures I am interested in. It can be seen that the historical gossip similar to this is quite significant for improving the interest in learning Parliament Cigarettes. If you have a family that doesn't like learning history, you can try this trick.
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