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15.08.2018 12:11
The floor manufacturer Antworten

a lot of users did not care about the ground flatness in the home when decorate, often can appear in this moment so a problem, the surveyors teach of the floor is excellent in look, the ground is insufficient level off, need searchs decorate company make level, compare a trouble so, say with everybody floor manufacturer fits the requirement in the process in the shop today.

The floor that nail wool can be laid on wooden keel, wool floor is forbidden whole are used, appropriate curiums etiquette case is the plank of 1.2m × 0.6m or 0.6m × 0.6m. Wool floor shop installs clearance to be 5mm-10mm, it is 8mm-12mm with the span between metope and ground fixity. Wool floor secures a hammer to be apart from should be less than 350mm, fixed the rear foot walks to wait without abnormal knocking and phenomenon of apparent cave in. Wool floor shop is installed should level, flatness ≤ 3mm/2m.

Laid prevents wet film, moistureproof film has sex place should overlap 50mm, above is stuck with adhesive plaster receive tight, 50mm coils on corner office. Hit in floor tongue-and-groove place make a key point, the aperture that make a key point should be less than a floor to nail a diameter slightly, the floor hammer that offers with floor manufacturer secures the floor from the place that make a key point. Floor should the wrong outfit that seam a shop. Appropriate of floor hammer length is board 2.5 times thick, 30 degrees should be in from tongue-and-groove when securing - 50 degrees tilt nail.

Answer to be checked at any time in extending outfit process, if discover,the problem should take step in time. Sex of material of the moisture content of width of the state of environmental temperature and humidity when the joining together aperture of the floor should be installed according to the shop, floor, floor, lumber and laid area circumstance are reasonable and affirmatory.

Join in floor and other area material place, should undertake cutting off, ask for so that the user approbates. Buckle transfer should install firm. When 6m of ≥ of length of laid of floor width direction, or when 15m of ≥ of length of laid of floor length direction, should install in proper place adjustable seam, use buckle transfer. Stand by a doorway to be in appropriate the setting is adjustable seam, use buckle transfer. Buckle should install firm.

After laid ends, the shop of floor manufacturer installs personnel to want to sweep construction site in the round, and check the store of the floor in the round hold mass, decide blemish of the outfit that do not have a shop is rear can ask the client is installed in the shop check and accept sign on sheet affirm.
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