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Before going into the water, I had to press the breaststroke on the shore. The non-slip mat on the ground made me feel uncomfortable. When I launched the water, I felt like I was frozen all at once, so cold! At first, I didn't have good skills, so I didn't swim well and was fined by the coach. Later, under the careful guidance of the coach, I carefully studied the essentials of movement and practiced it carefully. Slowly, my swimming style and speed made rapid progress. It also won praise from the coach. I am very happy. From what I understood, bitterness followed by sweetness. As long as you are willing to give, you will be rewarded; as long as you are willing to work hard, you will be successful! In the future, I will use bravery to overcome more difficulties and meet the final happiness! Part Two: 8 Newport Cigarettes Coupons.31 Unforgettable Summer Vacation Today, my first unforgettable summer vacation in primary school is over, and I am ready to start school tomorrow. During the summer vacation, I saw my aunt, grandma, grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunt, and many like my elders; our family went to the mountain several times to escape the heat, climb the mountain, eat barbecue, water gun, and went to the Weihe River in Xianyang for fishing shrimp and Guilin Look at the mountains and rivers there, go back to my hometown and play with my good friend Jun Ping Carton Of Cigarettes. As long as I do n��t go out, I will go to the roller skating park in the evening and of course I have learned a lot of knowledge. Mathematics questions, read "Pippi Long Socks", "Anne of the Green Gable", "Good Soldier", "Andersen's Fairy Tales", "Pinocchio" several interesting story books. This summer vacation has been rich and fulfilling, and I will not forget it. Part three: The unforgettable summer vacation life time passes really fast, more than two months of summer vacation in the blink of an eye has passed. During this long vacation I have encountered a lot of significance. The most memorable day was when my parents took me and my sister to play at Jiucheng Palace. At noon that day, my dad said: Take me and my sister to Jiu Chenggong in the afternoon. We departed at more than three o'clock in the afternoon and arrived there after a half-hour drive. My sister and I played the crazy swing that I had never played before. At the beginning, I was terrified, I was afraid that I might fall. But the younger sister was very happy to play, and said in the mouth how exciting, so exciting, because the younger sister had played before. Then, we played bungee jumping. At first we were afraid that we would n��t be able to jump up and down, so we jumped up and vigorously hung down so that we would n��t be suspended in the air and played for more than half an hour. There are so many activities in this pleasant holiday, it is unforgettable
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