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18.04.2020 08:52
Mom, what a friendly Antworten

Mom, what a friendly word, but do you understand what is true motherly love? After watching this beautiful mother's movie, I learned what true motherhood is. The protagonist of this movie is Zheng Da. Because Zheng Da is not healthy, his father and mother divorced. The burden of life and the responsibility of taking care of Zhengda all fall on his mother. Several jobs are desperate to make money. At the same time, Zheng Da is also spoken all the time. Zheng Da is also a strong child. He pays more than normal people. He does not want to disappoint his mother. Finally, with the joint efforts of their mother and son, they entered the normal school. Our innate and acquired conditions are much better than Zheng Da's, and I will cherish rewarding my father with good grades. Part 2: The view of beautiful mothers today, my mother and I watched the movie "Pretty Mother" This movie mainly tells the story of Zheng Da going to school Marlboro Cigarettes. It is a simple matter for other children to go to school, but it is very difficult for Zheng Da. Zheng Da is a deaf and mute person, he must use a hearing aid to hear the sound. And he couldn't pronounce clearly. Mother thinks that Zheng Da is as smart as normal children and can enter school normally. Mother took Zheng Da to take the entrance exam, but failed to enter the elementary school. The principal told his mother: Zheng Da should go to a school for the deaf. But my mother did not give up and taught Zheng Da all the time. With his mother's insistence, Zheng Da finally made it clear that he could go to school like a normal child. We have to persevere in everything we do like our mother. For example, I always practice poorly. I think that is because I did n��t keep practicing. I believe; as long as I persevere, I will be able to practice well. Part Three: Aftermath of "Beautiful Mother" Today, I watched a beautiful mother with my mother. The single mother and her congenital deaf son Zheng Da live together Carton Of Cigarettes. They depended on each other. To get Zheng Da to go to school, she bought a pair of hearing aids and brought them to Zheng Da. He was taken to the exam afterwards, but he failed to pass the exam, but Zheng Da was once mocked for being deaf and broke a hearing aid when he was fighting with others. His mother knew that she had to quit her job and change After getting a job that could take him, his mother finally bought a hearing aid with the money for part-time work and newspaper delivery, and brought it to Zheng Da. Then his mother took him to take another test, this time he finally got the test Through this movie, I know that although we are richer than them, but we want to go to school is very simple, but they want to go to school is very difficult, so, I want to cherish the opportunity to go to school, study hard
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