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26.11.2020 07:19
Influence of pipeline on the performance of rotary vane vacuum pump Antworten

Influence of pipeline on the performance of rotary vane vacuum pump

For users, the diameter of the suction pipe should be the same as the diameter of the pump port, and the length should be as short as possible. Too many elbows and too long pipeline will not only affect the pumping speed, but also affect the power consumption. Exhaust pipe is also the same, exhaust pipe is the most easily ignored by users, too long pipe will increase exhaust resistance, increase gas backflow, affect pumping speed, and increase power consumption.

The oil mist eliminator of rotary vane vacuum pump developed by us, which is connected to the exhaust port of the pump, can meet the requirements of gas indoor emission. Of course, the oil mist eliminator will inevitably lose part of the power. After careful design and repeated improvement, not only the exhaust resistance is small, but also the effect is very good, and the increase of power is not obvious. It should be noted that the core of the oil mist eliminator must be replaced regularly according to the use condition.

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