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Reciprocating vacuum pump Antworten

Reciprocating vacuum pump

Reciprocating vacuum pump is a double acting vacuum pump made in the former Soviet Union. It is composed of piston, air valve, cylinder, crosshead, connecting rod, crank and other parts. The bearing bush and cylinder of vacuum pump are supplied by special lubrication system. The lubricating oil brands are large and the consumption is large. Due to the high heat generated by gas compression, the room temperature is still as high as 40 ℃ in summer, even though it is equipped with cylinder cooling system, which is unfavorable to the equipment and the body. Moreover, the maintenance of the equipment is inconvenient, the failures are frequent, the maintenance period of cylinder cleaning and pad grinding is long, and the consumption of spare parts is large.

2be water ring vacuum pump is a single-stage and single action vacuum pump produced by referring to foreign advanced technology. It is an energy-saving product. 2be water ring vacuum pump adopts axial suction and exhaust structure, mainly composed of pump body, impeller, main shaft, drive side distributor, non drive side distributor side cover, automatic drain valve and other parts. The impeller is eccentrically installed in the pump body. When the impeller rotates, the pump body is affected by centrifugal force and forms a rotating liquid ring on the inner wall of the pump. The gap between the impeller end face and the adapter is sealed by liquid. During the rotation process of the impeller at the first half rotation (passing through the suction hole), the volume of the sealed cavity gradually expands, and the gas is inhaled from the suction hole, and then rotates in the latter half rotation (passing through the exhaust hole) In the process, the sealing volume gradually reduces, and the gas is discharged from the exhaust hole to complete a gas extraction process.

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