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High quality vacuum furnace Antworten

High quality vacuum furnace

The vacuum furnace eliminates the oxidation and decarburization of the workpiece surface in the heating process, and can obtain a clean surface without deterioration layer. The heating chamber of the vacuum furnace is made of high-quality heat insulation materials with heat insulation walls and barriers, which can highly concentrate the electric heating energy in the heating chamber, with remarkable energy-saving effect. The following is a professional analysis of the functions of the vacuum furnace:

Vacuum quenching (tempering, annealing) is a treatment method to achieve the expected performance by heating and cooling the material or parts in vacuum according to the process specification.

Vacuum brazing is a welding process in which a group of weldments are heated to a temperature above the melting point of the filler metal but below the melting point of the base metal in vacuum, and a weld is formed by the wetting and flowing of the filler metal to the base metal (the brazing temperature varies with different materials).

Vacuum sintering is a method of heating metal powder products in vacuum to make adjacent metal powder grains form parts by adhesion and diffusion. Vacuum magnetization is mainly used for magnetization of metal materials.

Heat Treatment Guide,Heat Treatment Equipment

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