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NEXT summer Scott Darling Hurricanes Jersey , Henry Cavill will be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood鈥檚 glittering firmament.

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The ruggedly handsome Jersey-born actor will take up the mantle from Christopher Reeve and slip into Superman鈥檚 distinctive blue and red spandex for Zack Snyder鈥檚 blockbuster Man Of Steel.

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Cavill affirmed his action man credentials as Perseus in yesteryear swords and sandals romp Immortals 鈥?a triumph of brawn over brains that played up his impressive physique over the paucity of heartfelt emotion in his performance.

That woodenness in front of the camera is glaringly apparent in The Cold Light Of Day, a pedestrian spy thriller that casts itself in the mould of The Bourne Identity but falls pitifully short on every count.

As the accidental hero at the centre of a deadly conspiracy, Cavill lumbers just like Mabrouk El Mechri鈥檚 film.

In sequences which call for him to run for his life, he lollops in an awkward fashion that suggests he has bet a member of crew that he can sprint with a walnut clamped between his thighs.

When he鈥檚 not huffing and puffing, Cavill delivers pivotal lines without any trace of feeling.

A tearful telephone call 鈥?鈥淢um, they killed him!鈥?鈥?might as well be a discussion about the weekly shopping list considering the absence of anguish in his face and voice.

Like a block of chiseled marble, he鈥檚 beautiful yet stone cold.

Business consultant Will Shaw (Cavill) joins his father Martin (Bruce Willis), mother Laurie (Caroline Goodall), younger brother Josh (Rafi Gavron) and his girlfriend Dara (Emma Hamilton) on board the family yacht in Spain the very same week that his company is threatened with bankruptcy.

We have many times heard words like psychotic disorders and schizophrenia, and most of the people tend to confuse between psychosis and schizophrenia. For simplifying things and for understanding what these terms mean, we can say that schizophrenia is an illness or a disease while psychosis is the active manner of it. There are several signs which would help you in differentiating these two:
• Active signs

When any person suffers from psychosis they suffer from active symptoms. Signs of such condition include visual hallucinations, hearing voices, imagining things and thoughts, delusions, paranoia, etc. These symptoms are indications of psychosis or psychotic disorder and they all are active signs. One faces these conditions for at most 5% of their lives.

• The negative sympt

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