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A Review of Jimmy D. Brown's Membernaire Membership Site Training

Author: Sparksy

Best known for creating some of the Internet's most popular membership sites such as ListandTraffic and Nicheology Fletcher Cox Jersey , Jimmy D. Brown has just released his latest product Membernaire, a program that shows you how to build one of the most profitable of all online businesses - membership sites.

However, the twist is that Jimmy shows you how to do this without the problems associated with 'traditional' membership sites.

Jimmy claims that through Membernaire he will reveal the simplest way to get a recurring monthly income without busting a gut to come up with fresh original content, (the baine of all membership sites) and without buying the high-priced scripts usually necessary to run such a site.

Jimmy's solution with Membernaire is to create a "fixed term" membership. On the Membernaire site Zach Ertz Jersey , you'll find the definition: "A 'fixed-term membership site' (FTM) consists of weekly content shared via autoresponder to paid members for a specified period of time."

Every week, for 52 weeks you'll load up a lesson content into your autoresponder (or a pre-determined period ie, 3 months, 6 months Nick Foles Jersey , 9 months, etc). By making sure that the content isn't dated, you'll have a year's worth of content pre-loaded and ready to be delivered to your members on complete auto-pilot.

Each week, Jimmy takes you step by step toward setting up your own site with a 'do this next Dallas Goedert Jersey , do that next' approach. I for one am grateful for this approach as it is sadly missing in a great many products that claim to teach you how to set up a membership site.

There's unadvertised bonuses along the way and on 'Graduation day' Jimmy promises to deliver a super bonus that is literally worth more than the entire years subscription dues.

Warning! He is known for having a membership cap and this one is no different. Only 1,000 members will be accepted. When he says he will cap, he does. No exceptions.

It has to be a plus to have this course put together by Jimmy D. Brown. A quick Googling of his name will verify his credentials. In my opinion, I can't think of any other training option available that provides more value for your money than Membernaire.

My Rating: 910

Article Source: Link

About the Author:

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We all love the long summer days and fun in the sun. The downside to summer is that there are a lot less clothes to hide away behind – all the lumps and bumps are likely to show through. Going to the gym or pounding the pavement is not always the most fun way to spend time on a summer’s day Carson Wentz Jersey , however.

An Alternative Way to Keep Fit

There are more fun ways to keep fit – take indoor sports, such as indoor soccer, for example – you are getting fit while playing and so you don’t really feel as though you have had as much exercise. The big advantage of indoor sports is that they are not dependent on the weather – which can be capricious in summer.

Indoor Soccer

Indoor soccer Brisbane is played in much the same way as normal soccer – the field is just smaller. Games can be as casual or as serious as you like – many people who play indoor sports set up their own leagues.

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If kicking the ball isn’t appealing Custom Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys , getting your heart going with volleyball may be a better option. Volleyball doesn’t involve as much running but it is still intense and a great cardio workout.


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